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A mobile weapon of decisive battle developed by Blood Falcon in order to defeat the Contra unit.
~ Translation of the official description

The Flying Submarine is a miniboss in Contra: Shattered Soldier. It is a huge and heavily-armed submersible aircraft capable of moving both in water and sky.


The Flying Submarine is, as it name implies, a huge submersible aircraft capable of moving at very high speeds. It busts from the water at the side to unleash napalm blast and plasma ray on the player from the screen while they're riding on motorcycle and fires shots at them. If the player has good timing, they can jump over these projectiles and return fire. Eventually, the battleship gives up and transforms into a aircraft like Osprey to continue the attack from the top until is destroyed, allowing the heroes to continue their objective of stopping the train.

  • Two sets of four napalm launchers that can explode and then land at equal interval points on the ground.
  • Battleship Anterior Cannon: A large cannon mounted at the front of the Flying Submarine. It repeatedly fires two sets of energy blasts before re-submerging back into the water and repeat the attack.
  • A bomb compartment that drops barrels and then reloads itself with more.
  • Four laser cannons installed below the flying aircraft.
  • A small cannon that shoots devastating fires.



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Theme of Shattered Soldier Train #1 - Hell Drive.

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