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The Final Gate is a recurring boss in the Contra series. It is a defense mechanism that guards the gate to the Alien's Lair.


An automated defense mechanism found at the end of the Hangar Zone that guards the gate to the Alien's Lair. It counts with a pair of launchers on a side wall below ground level which launch bombs high in the air, and once they are about to reach top height, they explode and produce three fragments of shrapnel that drop down in a spreading manner. A glowing cross-shaped figure with an orb on its center is affixed above the gate and serves as the boss's weak spot. Depending on the game, Greeders (some of which may be armed) may enter the screen.

An easy way to take out this boss is rushing straight at the core while firing diagonally-upward as one approaches the gate, not letting the trigger go until it explodes; the bombs will most likely miss. If the player carries a highly close-range damaging weapon, such as the Spread Gun, all the better.

In Contra: Evolution, there is a set of huge cogwheels above the gate which rotate every time the core gets hit.



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