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The Final Count Gun (ファイナルカウント砲 Fainaru Kaunto-Hō?) is a miniboss in Contra: Hard Corps.


A plasma cannon affixed to a robotic arm and featuring a counter on its center that is fought near the end of the Military Train stage. The machine initiates its attack by bouncing wildly across the screen, attempting to crush the player while doing so (the counter will display an exclamation sign (!) while this attack is being carried on).

Once the aforementioned attack has finished, the cannon will slow down and begin targeting the player; the counter will then start a countdown from 5 to 0, at which point the cannon will fire a powerful plasma blast.

The machine cannot be damaged by normal firepower, although if one is observant, a red glowing core can be seen protruding at the base of the robotic arm; this acts as its weak point. As such, the player has to trick the cannon into shooting at its own core by using themself as bait. Three blasts will suffice to put this machine out of commission.



  • In Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX, while the Final Count Gun is charging its cannon, the arm moves more straight instead of slightly curved. Also, no color flashes occur when this boss is defeated.

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