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The Fiends are the primary antagonistic force in Contra: Rogue Corps. They are a collection of newly created and extremely hostile species that somehow suddenly emerged on Earth two years after the Alien Wars, infesting a barren urban landscape known as the Damned City, which serves as their territory.


According to Dr. Claude Banks, at the end of the Alien Wars, the military firing the Vortex Cannon to wipe out the aliens did open a rift in the fabric of time and space. The aliens were not destroyed by the cannon, instead they were sent back in the past. That has created an alternative timeline where the aliens were able to extinguish the humans on Earth and take over it. However, both timelines existing creates a paradox, and nature tries to reconcile it by merging them into one. The Damned City, an urban settlement in ruins that mysteriously emerged from the earth two years after the end of the wars, is the epicenter of this event which left unchecked will eventually take over the entire planet.

The large interdimensional gate above the location also allows the aliens from the alternative timeline - now called Fiends - to cross over and invade the current Earth. Inside the territory of the Damned City, they will try to kill and/or devour any human trespassers at sight, even the Jaegers who are immune to the madness effects inflicted in the location.


Fiends come in all shapes and sizes, usually appearing in the form of monstrous and hideously deformed abominations. Most Fiends share traits and characteristics that are disturbingly similar to those found in humans, especially their faces and limbs. Some Fiends are in fact truly bizarre creatures that have augmented their bodies with cybernetics and/or machinery parts, thus possessing a mix of biological and mechanical features. Others possess plant-like characteristics, and a very few share animal-like traits.

While unknown to the Rogue Corps squadron, Fiends apparently have access to highly sophisticated and far superior technology only found in the Damned City, making many of the devices they employ to be seen as highly valuable artifacts.


Some fiends are considered as special variations of species and subspecies. Some of the most common and weakest types of fiends resemble skeletal zombies, possibly suggesting that these were either Fiends that mimic the appearance of human soldiers to some degree or humans now horrifically corrupted and brainwashed by the invasive Fiends who have already overrun the entire city and its surroundings. The most common types could be considered to be a "nuisance", while more stronger, larger types take time to kill.

The following is a list of Fiends (including mechanisms infected by them) encountered in Contra: Rogue Corps:

  • Balloon Type: At first glance, it may seem like a living being, but in actuality these grow off from the bizarre "plants" found in the Damned City, which have broken off after being fully grown. After floating for a certain amount of time, they will burst, scattering their spores in high numbers around the surrounding area. Any spores that attach themselves to the remains of the deceased that got caught in the explosions will begin to grow.
  • Big Fuzz: A giant humanoid skeleton-like robot carrying large mounted rocket launchers over each shoulder. During a first encounter, this boss Fiend attacks by tossing cars and metro trains at enemies, shooting laser beams from its mount and barrages of rockets, and smashing enemies by using its hands. Later on, it is revealed that the boss has survived its first defeat at the hands of Rogue Corps despite losing its lower half in the process. Somehow, the boss now sports bandages covering its body, and it still can jump and move around at fast speeds by using its arms.
  • Cannon: Defense mechanisms installed on the Damned City to fend off approaching Fiends, these have now fallen under the enemy's overrunning influence and are used to protect enemy territory from foreign enemies (in this case, the Rogue Corps squadron). These are multi-purpose units, performing a variety of attacks, from emitting fast-moving projectiles and launching missiles to lobbing explosives. They remain totally stationary at all times and can only aim at a straight direction (or rotate).
  • Chimera: A fusion of fiends that make their nest in the Damned City and which possess the combined power of all of them. What sets it apart from other fiends which move and act based on instinct, is that this abomination has the ability to understand simple human speech. Applying a certain amount of outside stimulus will cause it to transform into its battle form, which can dish out devastating attacks. There is also a second variant of Chimera with thick-armored skin temporarily covering its humanoid face and being more impervious to damage until being stunned. However, this variant lacks a secondary battle form.
  • Fiend Pods: Fully organic pods that are usually found in small or large numbers, these possess high regenerative capabilities. They also possess the ability to quickly regrow themselves once these have been easily destroyed by weapons fire.
  • Fortress: Building-like high-tech structures that are scattered throughout most parts of the Damned City, these can be accessed in almost every mission. They work as transitions between different sections of an area.
  • Genocidal Drone: A state-of-the-art anti-personnel weapon sent by General Phoenix to stop the Rogue Corps. Although it is an unmanned aircraft, it is covered with a shield of special mirror coating that protects its AI from the negative effects of the Damned City. However, that effect is limited to only a few hours, so it cannot withstand long-term operation at present conditions. Although its overall appearance is similar to that of a standard military helicopter, the vehicle's hull is notably wider, which in conjunction with the blades – and making honor to its name – somewhat give it the appearance of a drone. The tail of the helicopter is now segmented from the hull, which allows the drone to separately slam it onto the ground, using its rear blades as a manner of spinning saw blade to slice and dice the enemy. It first appears as a miniboss, but later as a minor enemy.
  • Knight Type: Another variation of the soldier-type Fiends, these resemble miniature versions of Big Fuzz to a high degree. Their bodies are entirely encased in a suit of hardened full body armor. These wield huge axes like their more common brethren and spew out a stream of intense poison breath. These can also sprint and are capable of performing a charging ram attack. They do not get easily shot down by rapid firepower, so they often require a charging attack to stun them.
  • Maw Type: Fiends that resemble hideously deformed mouths with many teeth, these often appear by popping out of the ground while attempting to bite approaching enemies. These are also capable of summoning Spawn-Type Fiends, as well as spewing out organic projectiles.
  • Mega-Fiend: A Fiend created by General Phoenix using a serum in an attempt to defeat the Rogue Corps squadron. He ends up purposelly fusing with the abomination itself. Both of its new tendril appendages can be used to shoot energy projectiles and laser beams, and bash and grab enemies. The boss also possesses both quadrupedal and bipedal forms, with the latter having a more humanoid shape and being capable of interacting with the energies from the interdimensional gate above Damned City.
  • Ninja Type: A variation of soldier-type Fiends that have a low appearance rate. Attains improved strength and maneuverability by fusing with inorganic materials, such as mechanical wreckage. Some builds have integrated army optical weapons, giving them stealth abilities.
  • Obese Type: A variant of a fiend species whose large size and brute strength surpasses that of the Ninja Type and is now gaining more experience in battle combat. With a vicious appetite to go along with its enormous body mass, it gorges itself on anything it can get its hands on, both humans and other fiends alike. A small number of subspecies had been detected and are progressively becoming more violent, such as a half-cybernetic subspecies and another that possesses full body armor and wield electromagnetic yo-yos. It first appears as a miniboss, but later as a minor enemy. Other variants of Obese Types carry large capsules on their backs and spill toxic waste by just moving around. And, being the rarest and strongest ones, the dark variants sport purple skin, red eyes and chainguns for hands, they are capable of tossing toxic waste in front of them.
  • Rock Type: Fiend Pods that serve as one of several environmental hazards within the Damned City, these are similar to boulders, expect that they are fully organic and tend to roll forward as they approach the player.
  • Searle: A large mechanical crab-like boss. This Fiend possesses two sharp pincers and a head resembling a large brain with a single eye. Its attacks consist of releasing energy waves, jumping around while trying to smash enemies and burrowing into the ground.
  • Soldier Type: Among some of the more commonly seen and most weakest of all Fiend types, these simple-minded Fiends are always found in large hordes and are likely the Fiends to have been equipped with a large arsenal of weapons and military equipment. There are several variations of this Fiend type, most of which show signs of heavy mutation and are barely recognizable from each other, while others (including the Ninja Type) have augmented themselves with cybernetics.
  • Spawn Type: Hideously deformed fiends that possess four-fingered human arms and faces that resemble a human baby's face, these are often considered a nuisance and are always found in large hunting packs attacking anything based on instinct. They also possess helicopter propellers and drone-type devices above their backs that aid in locomotion. These are continuously produced by Spawn Eggs, large Fiend cell masses that serve as some sort of incubator pods. There's also a variant that is much larger in size; it explodes upon contact and are often spawned by Maw Types.
  • Spike Roller: The Damned City rots the brain of any human who stays in it, but it also has a similar negative effect on robotic AI. Spike Roller was an unmanned survey vehicle commissioned by authorities to plunge the depths of the old city, but with the internal AI running amok, it will attack any life forms it detects in the area without discretion. It also reacts heavily to biological reactions from within the city. While its body is covered with incredibly thick body armor, its weak point is the exposed engine at the back.
  • Taka: A giant turtle-like Fiend with a long neck and using an entire aircraft carrier as its shell. It attacks by smashing its head against the ground and shooting laser blasts from its mouth. Even after its head and neck are split into two, each half will keep moving and attacking independently.
  • Turret Type: Floating sphere-like mechanisms created by the Fiends, they possess a multiple-purpose cannon that allows them to perform a variety of attacks, from emitting noxious fumes and bursts of fast-moving projectiles to firing long, powerful pink lasers and even launching missiles. They are able to rotate their bodies and aim directly at the player. Even they can attach themselves to larger structures and remain stationary at times.
  • Yokozuna: A multi-segmented and hideously deformed Fiend that resembles a deep sea organism. It hates sunlight and loves tight spaces. It usually burrows into abandoned metro cars, taking on the appearance of a contemporary train, and using them to move around. After all rear segments are destroyed, the main body will reveal itself from the train car and move by running at high speed, being even capable of moving on tunnel walls. Its attacks include smashing enemies with its legs, deploying a retractable blade from its torso, dropping grenades and energy projectiles, and shooting laser beams from its rear section.



  • Considering how the Fiends are the result of the last remains of the Red Falcon being sent to an alternative timeline and conquering a parallel Earth, they could be viewed as successors or even direct descendents of the original alien group.
    • That way could be assumed that the reason for so many enemies in the group having humanoid shapes is humans from the parallel timeline being converted into Fiends, a tactic also employed by the Red Falcon previously.
    • That would also explain why many major bosses in Contra: Rogue Corps, such as Big Fuzz and Taka, resemble their counterparts in the Red Falcon both by names and physical appearances.