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The Fat Man is the third boss in Contra ReBirth. It is a giant robot of alien manufacture that initially appears in the form of a rocket.


Desperately trying to stay alive while in the middle of a stampede of Robot Llamas rampaging through the city, and seeing their chances of survival dim as each second passes by, a large rocket unexpectedly catches up from behind. With no other option, the Contras hang on to it for a ride, and this soon takes them on top of a nearby truck traveling at full speed along the city highway.

The rocket goes offscreen for a moment and then it reemerges on the right side from the bottom of the screen. It then starts to rapidly move up and down while launching a barrage of missiles toward the left, where the player is standing. These missiles can be deflected (and disarmed) with just a few shots from any weapon, although their great numbers may overwhelm the player if they dwindle too much.

Next, the rocket will aim its main launcher at the same height as the player's current position and start launching barrages of missiles straightforward. The player may either move up or down on the truck to avoid the onslaught, or if they carry a weapon with good penetration power (like the Laser), then the entire batches can be destroyed by concentrating all firepower on them. The missile then loops this pattern.

For this phase of the fight, it is recommended to hug the leftmost windshield of the truck and fire either standing or prone. Due to the distance, it is possible to destroy any incoming missiles directly aimed at the player(s) just before they hit. This strategy is absolutely necessary on Hard or Nightmare difficulties due to the increased strength of the missiles (though in the latter difficulty, the blue rings still pose a threat and can take out a player within the "safe zone").

The rocket itself is immune to weapons fire, but each time a missile is eliminated, it will be redirect toward the large rocket, exploding upon contact. Once the large rocket sustains enough reflected rocket attacks, its body explodes for good, ejecting its yellow warhead. However, this piece will suddenly acquire the form of a large and heavy armored four-legged spider-like robot, which has an organic core on its bottom that acts as its weak spot. The robot will then proceed to showcase a vast repertoire of attacks which will change according to the player's current position. These attacks are as followed:

Attack Description
The robot jumps to the upper-right corner of the screen and releases a few heat-seeking missiles. It then slams itself on the top of the truck and follows by jumping down on its rear bed floor in attempts to crush the player.
High laser sweep
Fat Man high laser sweep
The robot jumps and hovers on the top-right corner of the screen, takes aim, and starts shooting a barrage of short laser beams from its eyes in a downward-left angle which cover the entire truck's bed floor and about half of its top area. It culminates this attack by slamming itself on the bed floor, then eventually jumping off of it to the street below. The top-left roof of the truck is a safe zone to avoid the laser blasts but be prepared to move leftward off the truck once the lasers cease.
Low sweep Laser Missile combo
Fat Man Low sweep Laser Missile combo
The robot moves to the lower-right corner of the screen and starts shooting a barrage of short laser beams from its eyes that cover the entire bed floor; all this, while also launching a few heat-seeking missiles from its hidden missile barrels located underneath its armor plating.
Laser rain
Fat Man Flying Laser rain
The robot leaps high in the air and goes offscreen for a brief moment; when it returns, it does so by flying at the top of the screen, using its legs as a manner of helicopter blades to keep afloat. It then starts moving from side to side, making brief pauses to shoot a few laser beams straight down. After this, it actively positions itself right above the player and releases a single laser shot, doing this a few times until it moves to its next attack.

On harder difficulties, the first two laser shots bend 90° at the bottom of the truck. These appear as orange-colored lasers. Oddly, these orange laser blasts do not harm the player at all. It is unknown whether this is a tactic to trick a player into believing these types of laser blasts are harmful, or if this is merely a glitch.

Missile sweep
ReBirth Stage 3 Boss Nightmare Attack
On harder difficulties, the boss will fly off-screen, bang itself on top of the truck, then rush in flying from below firing 8 missiles, then rush in the top of the screen firing another set of 8 missiles before returning to the battlefield.

Its missiles can be destroyed using weapons fire. Pay close attention to its movement and listen for its "motion" sound prior to it performing an attack. More than likely, it tends to fire off its laser attacks on the truck, which can only be safely avoided if the player is on the truck roof. always try to keep a safe distance on the left sides of the truck in order to avoid being smashed by the boss. Only its rotund body inflicts contact damage, its legs do not appear to harm the player. It is possible to inflict damage to the core in certain instances where it appears not likely to do so; when the boss is skidding toward the center of or behind the truck, proning on the bottom of the truck bed can allow some bullets to hit the core (this is recommended if the player only has the Machine Gun). Hugging their back behind the driver car allows for enough room to avoid the boss's contact. When the boss fires missiles and a low-laser sweep at the bottom-right corner of the screen, it is possible to inflict damage to its core using a precisely aimed diagonal shots from the roof of the truck.

Once the boss receives enough damage, it goes haywire and flies off-screen, bouncing back to the truck as it constantly explodes. Its final explosion into pieces marks the Stage Clear.


  • The player can safely stand on top of both car parts of the truck, roof and hood, without falling. Due to how most of the Fat Man's attacks come from the far right, as well as most not covering this area, if used in conjunction with constant firepower, this place usually provides a safe spot for most of the fight.



  • The name and initial form of this boss is a reference to the "Fat Man", the codename for the nuclear bomb that was detonated over the Japanese city of Nagasaki by the United States on August 9, 1945.
  • Coincidentally, there is another Konami character from the Metal Gear Solid series named Fatman, who excelled in explosives. He too was named after the aforementioned nuclear bomb.
    • Both also utilized wheels/skates for movement and possessed a shielded round central body.
  • Fat Man's boss theme is GTR Attack!, which also plays during the boss fight with the Takedda Robot from Contra: Hard Corps. Both robots were shown to have transforming parts and can fire off missiles (in the former case for Fat Man, it was originally a missile warhead before transforming into a four-legged robot).

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