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Left hand cannon, right hand annihilation!
~ Fang in Contra Returns

Brad Fang is a playable character in Contra Returns. He is initially introduced as an enemy and must be defeated. Afterward, he joins the Contra Force and fights against the Red Falcon/Neo Eagle Empire alongside the rest of the team.

He was voiced by P.M. Seymour.


A modern bio-engineered super soldier whose rough exterior belies the brave, loyal heart contained within.
~ In-game description

A wolf-like creature who is suspected to be a bio-engineered soldier, although no one really knows for sure, not even Dr. Mandrake. Suffers from episodes of amnesia from time to time and is often troubled by the fragments of memories that flash before him at various moments. However, on the outside, he always looks like his fierce and untamed self.

"7 May. Rain.

My bouts of amnesia do not make me a happy wolf... or man.

'Oh bye my love...' What a sad song this is!

I remember that white house I used to live in when I was a kid, and I remember how Mama and Papa would bring me gruel and jerky at the same time every day. I only had one hour of playtime back then, but I was still really happy. I wonder what happened to that butterball of a bear who was next to me. I won't be able to track him with my nose if he's run off into the ice and snow.

That's odd. Why am I thinking about the past now? I might not remember a thing come the morning."

-Fang was sat up in bed and leaning against the writing desk next to it to write in his diary. If he had to be honest, the idea of sleeping in a bed was still pretty alien to him.

More than once, he had awakened to find himself under the desk instead. He couldn't shake the feeling that the empty bed belonged to Sheena anyway. Sheena was his little mistress back when he was with the guerillas, even if she had never given him even a day's wages. Although he had never really understood that the guerillas were on the right side of history back then, everything just felt right whenever he was fighting alongside Sheena. Nowadays, however, he was just a hired gun working for Dr. Mandrake. He was here at the Doctor's lab deep inside a rainforest in Mexico, and he had no idea what he was really supposed to do. Well, at least he had a break from the fighting... He really hated that he had to spend time with the zombies, though.

"10 May. Rain again.

There's been a light rain tonight. The soft droplets come down gently, magically, like a comforting blanket. What a perfect night for a drink!

Ha! I can't believe what I just wrote... That stuff is almost poetic! I should be a poet.

It's interesting all the different creatures you can find in this forest: tigers, barbarians, zombies... I'll write about all of them in my poems in the future."

-It looks like Fang was having another of his amnesia episodes, which, if you think about it, might not be a bad thing after all, especially given how poorly suited he is to a life without a master or mistress to serve.

"3 June. Overcast.

Just what the heck is that giant maniac? He even knows how to use the Upper-Cutter! What the! Don't tell me he knows how to use the Combo Cutter, too! Bah, whatever! I'll show him!"

-The "giant maniac" was known as the Demon Soldier, a new generation of zombie developed by Dr. Geo Mandrake which was more flexible and more human-like compared to its predecessors. The doctor knew that his days of developing and testing the 3.0 version of his formula deep in the rainforest would not last forever, so he needed some sort of "secret weapon" to keep unwelcome guests at bay. That's Fang for you. He always had to be bigger and stronger than the next guy... even if he wasn't.

"4 June. Still overcast.

Turns out that Demon Soldier really has mastered the Shoryuken. Looks like I'm losing my usefulness again. I'm getting my bag of dog food again tomorrow. I hope the doctor doesn't dock my wages for some reason!"

-That night, Fang tried to practice the Hadoken, but to no avail. The next day, having not seen Fang yet with the sun already high up in the sky, the doctor sent someone to look for him. His messenger found Fang sprawled out on the bed, tongue hanging out of his mouth on one side, in a room speckled with light that came in past the trees outside the window.

"5 June..."

-Fang didn't manage to make a diary entry this day, because this was the day he was captured. Team Contra had finally located the rainforest lab and had launched their assault, and it wasn't long before Fang was captured. It turned out that the Hadoken and Shoryuken were not the most powerful moves in the world. And what was with the cannon attached to his left arm? It just wouldn't fire where he wanted the rounds to go. He started to feel a little silly, a feeling that he had never had before, and while he was still trying to fight off the assault at the lab, the doctor was already long gone.

"10 June. Sunny.

The gray skies are gone and the sun is out again. I still feel pretty down, though. Not only did I not get my wages for this month, but I've also been captured by this organization called... Contra, or something. They're looking for the doctor. Fine, I guess I'll ask them for my salary instead. Hold on... There's this girl with pigtails with them, and also that giant bear... Where have I seen them before...?"



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