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Normal aliens just run and jump on the ground. But this bad boy pops up out of the sky and kills you until you die! "Don't stop flying around!" It's not that difficult to defeat, but it's a hassle because he's accompanied by a large number of his allies.
~ Translated description from the Contra 4 instruction booklet

The Falcon Viper (ファルコン・バイパー Farukon Baipā?) is a recurring alien enemy in the Contra series. It is an evolved Orian which has grown wings and flies inside a massive alien's body to defend it from foreign intruders.


An evolution of the standard Orian, the Falcon Viper retains almost all physical traits from this recurring enemy, such as the elongated head and claw like appendages, although it has grown large bat-like wings on its back which allow it to fly freely (its design somewhat resembles the Metal Alien).


Contra 4[]

Like the rest of the Orians in this game, Falcon Vipers are only encountered in the final stage, the Harvest Yard, inside of Black Viper's body after the heroes infiltrate it following an initial confrontation.

Falcon Vipers are only encountered in certain sections of the level. They suddenly descend from the top of the screen, near the player, perform a very slight swoop and then start flying toward the player's current position, continuing flying in this direction until they leave the screen. They'll keep on spawning at certain spots, so the player is advised to not dawdle too much in these areas and try to move forward. However, since they suddenly descend near the player, they also give little time to react and fend them off.

Tan-colored Falcon Vipers appear during a Challenge Mode stage taking place within the city. In this stage, the player is required to eliminate a certain amount within a set time.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

These winged creatures appear inside of Java's body. With their greenish bodies and spiked backbone/tail, their appearance is slightly reptilian-like.


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  1. Internal name from Contra: Operation Galuga.