The Evil Snowman (エビルスノーマン Ebiru Sunōman?) is a miniboss in Contra: Hard Corps. It is a composite robot made out from two smaller spherical robots. It has a wide assortment of attacks.


A rather unorthodox enemy, the Evil Snowman appears shortly after climbing down from the dinosaur's back in the Jungle level. It enters the screen by rolling in the form of a metallic sphere, after which it brings out a pair of long metal legs and starts attacking in a variety of ways:

  • Performs a few jumps and somersaults across the screen in an attempt to crush the player.
  • Positions itself near the center of the screen, brings out a turbine-like cannon from its body and starts shooting fireballs straight upward, which will then start raining down across the entire screen.
  • Hides its legs inside its body and starts bouncing all across the screen.

After sustaining enough damage, the robot will suffer an explosion and remain in disrepair as it catches fire. At this point, an identical spherical robot will start descending from the top of the screen, using its legs to propel itself as if they were the blades of a helicopter. It will then attach itself to the first sphere, forming a snowman-like shape, and the new enemy will restart the encounter with a new assortment of attacks:

  • Brings out its four limbs and starts waggling around like an ape in an attempt to inflict physical damage.
  • Brings out its turbine-like cannon and propels itself straight up and off the screen, after which it will start descending while tracing big circles that cover the entire screen, leaving behind a large stream of fire.