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The Evil Snowman (エビルスノーマン Ebiru Sunōman?) is a miniboss in Contra: Hard Corps. It is a composite robot made out from two smaller spherical robots. It has a wide assortment of attacks.


A rather unorthodox enemy, the Evil Snowman appears shortly after climbing down from the dinosaur's back in the Jungle level. It enters the screen by rolling in the form of a metallic sphere, after which it brings out a pair of long metal legs and starts attacking in a variety of ways.


Image Attack description
Performs a few jumps and somersaults across the screen in an attempt to crush the player.
Performs cartwheels across the screen. Will sometimes trip and fall, then appear to stomp on the ground with one leg before jumping for the next attack.
Evil Snowman Attack 4
Positions itself near the center of the screen, brings out a turbine-like cannon from its body and starts shooting fireballs straight upward which then start raining down across the entire screen. May also perform this technique from the corners of the area instead, where it can be easier to avoid the incoming descending bullets.
Evil Snowman Attack 5
Hides its legs inside its body and starts bouncing all across the screen. Bounces a total of six times, where the sixth bounce ends in it landing with a stationary flip.
Evil Snowman Attack 2
Moves to one side of the screen, lays down, and launches its legs at the player in a boomerang-like manner.
Evil Snowman Attack 1
Moves to one side of the screen, gets on its knees and reveals the cannon before launching three waves of traveling flames.

After sustaining enough damage (around 140 HP), the robot will suffer an explosion and remain in disrepair as it catches fire. At this point, an identical spherical robot will start descending from the top of the screen, using its legs to propel itself as if they were the blades of a helicopter, and attach itself to the first sphere, forming a snowman-like figure. The new enemy will then restart the encounter showcasing a new assortment of attacks:

Image Attack description
Brings out its four limbs and starts waggling around like an ape in an attempt to inflict physical damage. When it hits an edge of the screen, it will start walking in the opposite direction.
After eight long steps, it will perform four jumps, landing on random spots of the ground.

These two attacks repeat over in this order until enough damage is inflicted to it(70HP), then it commences its final attack:

Image Attack description
Evil Snowman Attack Final
Brings out its turbine-like cannon and propels itself straight up and offscreen, after which it will start descending while tracing big circles that cover the entire screen, leaving behind a large stream of fire.

Dealing enough damage (10 HP) during its final gambit will cause the machine to burst completely in flames, eliminating it as one of the many threats that are encountered in this level.



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