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Locked and loaded!
~ Erica in Contra: Evolution

Erica Ricci (codename: Flame Rose) is one of the main protagonists in Contra: Evolution.


Erica Ricci is a German special forces member who is lethally proficient with dual firearms. Ricci was born and raised in a military family in Germany and has become a weapons expert and battle elite at a young age. As a representative of Europe, Ricci eagerly joined in a war to annihilate the Red Falcon.


  • M: Erica shoots larger and faster caliber bullets with her dual submachine guns.
  • S: Erica shoots a large energy projectile that splits up in four fragments. The fragments can travel either in an XY axis manner or diagonally.
  • L: Erica shoots very fast and straight armor-piercing missiles that penetrate anything.
  • F: Erica simply throws grenades toward oncoming enemies; these travel in an arc.
  • H: Erica shoots slow homing missiles (up to four can be present onscreen).


  • To unlock Erica as a playable character in the mobile versions of the game, the game must first be completed either with Bill Rizer or Lance Bean.


  • Screenshot 20190811-095504 Contra Evolution
    Erica's in-game model and artwork in the mobile versions of Contra: Evolution are red-headed instead of blonde, as depicted in her official arcade artwork, and also wields two pistols instead of a combat knife.