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The Entrance Security is a boss in the arcade version of Super Contra (and direct ports of it). It appears at the end of Area 1, as the player is about to infiltrate the base.


Encountered at the end of Area 1, Ruins of the Federal Military Base, shortly after the Great Heli miniboss. The Entrance Security is a composite "boss" consisting of a battalion guarding the entrance to the first enemy base. Their ranks are comprised by a Grenade Thrower and two Ledders holding ground on an upper ledge and taking cover behind a barricade, as well as by an infinite number of Greeders (both armed and unarmed) entering the screen from four possible spots.

All these units in conjunction will attempt to trap the player with projectiles coming from all possible directions. It is advised to aim diagonally upward and keep firing as the player approaches the boss, which will likely take out at least one Ledder before the boss fight properly commences, granting more room to maneuver during the rest of the encounter (if the grenadier can be taken out as well, all the better).

A glowing core is located at the top-center of the screen which acts as the boss's weak spot. Once destroyed, the main gate to the base will also blow up, allowing access to its interior.


  • This boss does not appear in Super C, the NES conversion of Super Contra. The Great Heli marks the end of the first stage in that version.
  • Both the MS-DOS and Amiga versions of this boss don't feature a gate to be destroyed, the entrance is open from the beginning.


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