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Not to be confused with Earth Federation Government.

The Earth Marine Corps is an Earth-based organization featured in the Contra series. Being based on the "real-life" Marine Corps, the Earth Marine Corps is a military branch of the Earth Federation Government designed to train and work with elite commandos against worldwide threats. The organization's only mentions/appearances have been in both the first Contra and its remake.


Contra (Famicom)[]

In the Famicom version of Contra, the intro mentions the Earth Marines Corps sending in commandos Bill Rizer and Lance Bean to the Galuga Archipelago to destroy the Red Falcon establishments settled in on the island. The two commandos occasionally radio in to HQ between cleared missions in order to update the current situation. As the Alien's Lair was eliminated, a chopper was sent in to retrieve the two commandos just before the entire topside of the island exploded.

The Earth Marine Corps were not carried over into international versions of the game: The European version of the game replaces all humans with robots. In the North American version of the game, their mention was removed along with the game's intro due to hardware limitations, also the manual displays story changes, such as the Pentagon being informed of the Galuga Archipelago situation and the commandos being "Special Forces".

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

The Earth Marine Corps's presence and role were greatly expanded upon in this retelling of the first Contra. Overseen by Commander Doyle, he works with colleagues Dr. Drake and Daniel Henriksen in response to a rise in global terrorist activity led by the notorious group Red Falcon. Six months after a recorded meteor shower struck the Galuga Archipelago in the year 26XX, the E.M.C. sent its finest commandos of its Contra Unit branch, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, to investigate the situation on the island occupied by the Red Falcon terrorists. In addition, they were to retrieve any information concerning the GX Army, another military branch of the Government, that went missing when they were first sent onto the island to combat Red Falcon.

During Bill and Lance's operations onto the island, Commander Doyle would frequently post updates on their current mission and situations, while Dr. Drake and Henriksen would provide minor field intel and weapon support. In addition, Dr. Drake's scientific expertise was required in order to study the massive energy waves emanating from the island. Sending in X-FLO agent Lucia, he was able to uncover more information leading to an "unknown artifact" on the island. With the help of a village survivor, the commandos located and attempted to secure the artifact known as the Lemris from the Red Falcon leader Varanis. After intense battles, the commandos were victorious, although not without great costs. Commander Doyle reported that agent Lucia had gone MIA and would use his power to try and locate her, with the Lemris being lost at sea. He also reported in a newly formed unit that GX survivor Commander Stanley Ironside would be in charge of moving ahead from the Galuga incident.

Behind the scenes, the three members of the E.M.C. were concerned over the now confirmed thought of Earth being invaded by extraterrestrials. The three discussed offline over protocols for such a situation and the "G-Initiative". The E.M.C's fate is unknown, as Commander Doyle and Dr. Drake confirmed without a doubt that, following the aftermath of the drained and missing Lemris, an unprotected Earth was soon to be invaded by a major alien threat.


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