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A "Watchdog" meant for a single dormitory. It is very popular with the resident soldiers with a somewhat humorous look. The bare skin is surprisingly smooth and feels cold to touch. It's so petty because it's always hungry and Gep never stops. The turrets on the left and right are the only crime prevention devices in the single dormitory.
~ Translation of the official description

The Earth Dragon is a miniboss in Neo Contra. It is some sort of gigantic lizard-like alien monstrosity capable of climbing on walls and used to protect crucial places, such as fortresses.


The Earth Dragon appears in Mission 2 after the player jumps off from the running creature they are riding on and climbs onto a nearby building.

In the first phase of the fight, the dragon does not directly attack and just limits itself to climb upward. Enemy soldiers will come out from hatches on the wall and throw diverse types of projectiles (Darrs, spiked orbs, and even flower pots). The monster will destroy sections of the wall as it climbs up, making short pauses in between, so the player is forced to move up as well. Eventually, both adversaries will reach an empty space with two turrets, where the monster will slam its head twice, breaking its helmet and revealing to have an horizontally-jawed mouth.

In the second phase, the dragon will constantly breathe a sweeping purple mist. It may sometimes stretch its head to attack players as well. The two turrets will assist it during battle. Shoot at its face, and after sustaining enough damage, it will lose its grip on the building and fall off, ending the encounter.


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