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Dustman (ダストマン Dasutoman?) is a miniboss in Contra: Hard Corps.


A pile of junk pieces held together by some force. It is found in the Junkyard, base of Noiman Cascade. Dustman burrows through the ground and arises from the scrap floor. It attacks with its extending spike ball fists, then once retracted, the boss leaps toward the opposite of the area and shakes rapidly before sweeping the floor with its spike ball tail. After three tail swipes, it burrows underground once more and repeats its attack pattern. Its weak point is its head piece and possesses 150 HP. Simply crouch under its extendable arm, move away from the stomps, and jump over its tail swipes to avoid its attacks, while firing at any given opportunity. Enough hits will cause the entire machine to explode, sending its junk pieces back to where they belong.


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