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Not to be confused with Dumpling.

It springs out from the nest one after another and rushes when it seeks potential prey. The nest is directly connected to the Mother Alien.
~ Official description from Neo Contra

The Dumpling Bug Alien is a recurring enemy in the Contra series. It is a large insectoid alien that crawls toward the player and spews projectiles at them.


Super Contra[]

Aliens resembling large mutant insects. They are usually encountered in groups and attack by incessantly chasing the player and spewing projectiles at them.

There are two types:


The standard variant. This type poses little threat as an individual, but can become considerably dangerous when attacking in groups and/or in conjunction with other enemies (such as making the player inadvertently run into a Bakonga's maws).


In Super Contra, about two thirds into Area 5, Alien 2 (Alien Area 1 in Super C (NES)), the player will reach a long corridor with several cavities along both its walls from which newborn Dumpling Bug Aliens will constantly spawn and move toward the holes on the opposite side (these generator cavities cannot be destroyed); as expected, the player will have to somehow make it across this perilous passageway. This variant seems to be a younger and still underdeveloped state of the standard version, with the cavities from where they come out possibly being some sort of incubators. They have the same basic body structure of an adult Dumpling Bug Alien, but haven't yet developed mouths and their legs are very short.

Unlike the adult type, these aliens pose very much a threat, as they are fast and able to outpace the player's running speed. What's worse, the moving patterns of those in the corridor are somewhat unpredictable; there's no telling which holes they'll emerge from, how many bugs will appear, and toward which direction they'll head. This section is where the Spread Gun's capability shines, as its wider range and coverage gives a great advantage to the player, and if it is fully powered, all the better. In the arcade version, if the player managed to conserve the Hyper Shell, this may be a good opportunity to use it. Similarly, in the NES version, a Power-Up Capsule containing a Mega Shell will appear midway through the corridor, so the player should make their best effort to get it.

After crossing the alien corridor, the player will enter a large chamber where the Suspicious Face resides in, with newborn types spawning from two cavities to assist this miniboss, one on the left and one on the right. Although these newborn types are slower than those from the generator, the Suspicious Face's rapid bullet strafing (faster than the player's pace) combined with the newborns' persistence may make this battle quite brutal. If the player somehow managed to conserve an Hyper Shell up to this point, it may be a good opportunity to use it.

Neo Contra[]

Adult type Dumpling Bug Aliens make a reappearance in this game, although this time they are constantly spawned by "Dumpling Mushrooms". Unlike their previous incarnations, they now only have four legs, which are considerably longer, they don't have mouths, and instead of bulbous-like eyes, they have smaller stingers protruding from their body - one on its top. It attacks by first charging toward the player and then performs a charging tackle at them.



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