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The Drill is a weapon in the Contra series.


Neo Contra[]

The Drill is a hidden weapon usable from one of the unlockable weapon sets. Being the main weapon for Type E, the Drill fires a big drill-like projectile directly toward an enemy. When hit by a drill bullet, the enemy will receive multiple piercing damage as the bullet attempts to drill and slash through a hit enemy, slowing down once it makes contact with a strong enemy and then picking up speed when not in contact. When used on weaker Zako enemies, the Drill will rip their bodies to shred, causing their blood-released limbs to scatter around the battlefield. When a drill hits a wall, the bullet explodes. The weapon itself has a mid-slow firing interval but it is possible to have up to two drills on-screen at one time (from one character).

The weapon's size and speed make it effective on large, less mobile targets. This weapon is particularly useful against Stage 5's boss, as it can drill through the boss's invincible shield and strike at it directly.

Contra: Rogue Corps[]

Kaiser, one of the main protagonists of the game, is a former member of Contra who leaded an elite team during the Alien Wars. After receiving massive injuries, he was successfully rebuilt and now has a cybernetic arm that transforms into a large drill that he built himself, and is now the leader of the Rogue Corps, a skilled team of scavenging Jaegers.





Neo Contra Drill spam
  • Although the weapon has a set firing speed in Neo Contra, cycling through the different weapon sets at a speedy pace can cause the player character to fire the Drill Gun faster than normal.