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Dr. J is a character in Contra Returns. He is the head of Sora Corp and one of the main antagonists of the game.


Dr. J is the head of the prestigious Sora Corp, the largest biochemical technology company in World E-137, which has also organized a welfare public free clinic whose mission is the implantation and/or replacement of body parts with cybernetically enhanced prosthetics to improve the population's quality of life. However, unknown to most, the company's main goal is to build an army of cyborg super soldiers with superior destructive capabilities as part of an agreement they made with the Government to replace common human soldiers, doing so through clandestine operations that range from immoral to just plain hostile.

In certain extraordinary instances, Dr. J himself personally seeks those that may have the potential of becoming even superior cyber soldiers to convince or blackmail them to accept the cyber-transformation surgery, or to take part in any other of his dangerous experiments. This, of course, with the hidden intention to gain control over them during the process.


  • Dr. J is the main antagonist of World E-137, City of Ashes and Void, although he is never fought in these modes.
  • He appears as an Event Boss sometimes.



  • According to the description of the Dark Zone Fracture, Dr. J is Doctor Mandrake's doppelganger from the Dark Zone World, although this is unconfirmed.

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