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Dr. Claude Banks is a secondary character in Contra: Rogue Corps. He was one of the lead scientists who built the Vortex Cannon.

He was voiced by Graham Halstead.


Dr. Claude Banks was one of the lead scientists, along with Dr. Kurt Steiner, who was in charge of creating the Vortex Cannon, a weapon intended to eradicate all hostile alien forces remaining on Earth after the Alien Wars. Two years after the end of the war, the project was almost completed, although it was still in an experimental stage. Eager to see such grandiose piece of artillery at work, General Phoenix, a high ranking military member, wanted to fire it as soon as possible. Dr. Banks and Dr. Steiner advised him not to do it, as it could end up destroying them instead of the aliens, but giving deaf ears to their warnings, the General fired the cannon anyway. At first glance, the weapon seemed to had properly done its job, although the President gave Phoenix a little scolding for having fired it without his consent.

Shortly afterward, the President was giving a speech to the press and his forces, when suddenly, ruined buildings started to emerge from the ground. Suspecting the firing of the cannon had something to do with it, the President blamed Phoenix for this disaster. Hurt in his pride, and fearing the consequences of his irresponsible actions, taking advantage of the ongoing confusion, Phoenix took Ms. Harakiri's Muramasa sword and used it to assassinate the President, blaming the Rogue Corps for this crime, who were also attending the speech. After things calmed down a little, the General noticed that Dr. Banks and Dr. Steiner had also witnessed the murder, so he had his men to arrest them, lock them up inside the laboratory, and the blow the place up so their deaths looked like an accident.

Dr. Banks was put in a separate room apart from Steiner. He wasn't able to escape the explosion, but by mere luck, he managed to survive. SwanLabs's hazmat crew later encountered him among the wreckage, and after a short recovery, he was able to take on a project the company was working on involving psychological blockers to allow humans to enter the Damned City without losing their minds. The scientist succeeded in creating a serum that inhibited the effect the city had on people, and wanting to carry out a field test, he was put in charge of a research team and sent inside the Damned City, but SwanLabs eventually lost contact with them. Ms. Swift, CEO of the company, then hired the services of the Rogue Corps to find them.

The team successfully located Dr. Banks among the city; and now in their company, he finally reunited with Dr. Steiner, who as part of his way of escaping the exploding building, had his brain transferred inside a cyborg panda called Hungry Beast and was now a member of the Rogue Corps.

Dr. Banks then proceeded to tell them his story: While his serum indeed proved to be effective on a greater scale, he made an even greater discovery while he still was inside the Damned City, managing to find out the origin of the city itself. When the Vortex Cannon was fired, it tore a hole in the fabric of space and time. The aliens actually weren't destroyed, but sent into the past. This created a paradox, splitting the timeline to create a parallel Earth, one in which humans had been wiped out instead of the aliens. But nature had started to try to reconcile itself by merging both worlds, with the Damned City as the epicenter.

The Rogue Corps brought Dr. Banks back to SwanLabs to collect their reward, but at that point, Ms. Swift revealed she had been working for General Phoenix all along, with the latter coming out of the building commanding a squad as she was revealing her betrayal. The General was looking to get his hands on Dr. Banks's serum in order to mass-produce it and with it be able to send as many men as he wanted into the Damned City to loot it from its treasures.

The Rogue Corps and Dr. Banks escaped into the Damned City. The scientist then explained that they could actually shutdown the city (or "kill" it, in his own words). The city acted as a living organism; it contained several organic chambers scattered throughout it, each hosting what he called a "Damnation Engine". These devices supplied the city with energy from the main gate; if they could remove them, the city would shut down. However, a more permanent solution would be to close the gate by overloading all the Damnation Engines.

The Rogue Corps managed to collect the Damnation Engines. Unfortunately, when they were about to blow up the gate, Dr. Banks's serum finally wore off and he also went mad, now wanting the city to grow and to take over the entire planet. For this end, he set up the engine to blow the interdimensional gate wide open. He activated the machine and powerful Fiends started to materialize around them, with one of them eating Dr. Banks alive.