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Only by flying over the ruins can you experience the cruelty of war.
~ Doyle in Contra Returns

Doyle is a playable character in Contra Returns.


A Hard Corps Commander and the best friend of Ray Poward's father, he has sworn to protect the city with his life.
~ In-game description

The location is the top of the mountain in the outskirts of the city. Doyle is not used to arriving early, and he always appears one second before the appointed time.

The man in black stood in the wind, and Doyle walked up to him, the two of them looked at the contiguous low-rise houses in the night. Years of war covered the stars and moon over the rebuilt city, and the monotonous lights were sparsely scattered down the mountain.

Once upon a time, there was prosperity as far as the eye could see, and this bare mountain was also lush and green. Doyle's eyes fell on the northeast corner of the city. Twenty years ago, there was a small bar there, and the female boss liked to wear red dresses. That was the place where he and his partner met, and the handover of countless information was completed with the sound of the saxophone and the burnt aroma of whiskey, until—until a wrong message, a trap, put him and his partner in danger. In the end, his partner died saving him, and Doyle was seriously injured.

"Have a drink." The voice of the man in black interrupted Doyle's thoughts. On the stump scorched by shelling lay a bottle of whiskey and two glasses that had already been filled. The man in black picked up the glasses and handed one of them to Doyle.

"Quit." Doyle took out a cigarette and lit it. "Don't go around in circles."

"Bahamut defected." The man in black drank the wine, "Just an hour ago."

Doyle was silent, the butt of his smoking cigarette flickered on and off.

"We urgently need a new organization."

"Let me deal with Bahamut?" Doyle's tone was slightly disgusted.

"No, at present it is only to fight against new forms of crime. The special team established is tentatively named "United Army Mobile Force Special Task Squad K-X"."

"There's no need to say nice words. It's just that I performed secret missions in the early years, and I have less quarrel with your intricate relationship network. I was sent to the training camp and I have no right to interact with various departments... Of course, I really don't like Bahamut that much, Doyle." After recovering from his injury, Doyle retired and changed his job to become an instructor to discover new talents. Although he was still in the army, he never set foot on the battlefield again.

The man in black chuckled, "I remember when you first served in the army, you were full of ambition and always applied to go to the darkest place, as if you were a flame. If you get too hot, you will hurt yourself first."

"So you sent me to be an underground liaison officer, but Bahamut was able to go to the front to fight."

"In fact, at first we thought you were not suitable for intelligence work. To my surprise, you did a great job, as you wished—there is the darkest place."

In the deep darkness, a cluster of red-hot cigarette butts fell and was blown away by the wind.

"The darker the night, the brighter the fire." Doyle replied, "But it will still be swallowed." He snuffed out the cigarette in his hand and looked into the distance. Doyle was a little afraid, but not because of the darkness of the world, but because of the darkness in his own heart. He thought that he had already given up on the battlefield.

"I heard that every time the first class of recruit training, you make them shout a word."

"The world has changed us, now it's our turn to change the world." Doyle and the man in black said at the same time.

"The commander of the new organization, many people are staring at this position. You can choose any artillery weapon you like, burst flame cannon, rocket launcher, flamethrower, all suitable for your current temper, and CX-66-DX-277, the most advanced aircraft at present, is allocated to you as a vehicle, flying over the city, you can see the appearance of war clearly. How about it?"

Doyle's breathing became slightly heavier, but he still didn't speak.

"Okay", the man in black paused, "you can choose someone yourself, for example—the son of your partner", the man in black added weight, and he took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Doyle. "This is the address of the kid you've been looking for. His name is Ray, and he's pretty good at it."

"Deal." Doyle's voice was rough but loud.

"Find me at the headquarters during the day." The man in black left quickly, leaving the glass of whiskey still on the tree stump.

The wind was getting stronger, and Doyle turned up the collar of his coat. He didn't leave, he was looking into the distance, waiting for the dawn, and waiting for the light to tear apart the night little by little. He didn't think that he would be able to think about the issue of survival or destruction with his old bones. The aroma of whiskey spread in the air, and Doyle picked up the glass of wine and sprinkled it on the once bright city.


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