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Double Jump Browny

Browny activates his thruster pack to Double Jump.

Double Jumping is a usable technique that rarely appears in the Contra series. When performed, the player character is able to do a second jump after the first one, allowing them to reach more height and distance.


A staple technique seen throughout many platformer-style games. Double Jumping allows a player to jump in mid-air immediately after an initial jump, effectively jumping consecutively in order to reach higher ground, as well as to course-correct the player's destination when jumping. It is rarely seen in the Contra series either due to the games' portrayal of superhuman abilities or simply due to logic (humans are unable to double jump in real life).


Contra: Hard Corps[]

Browny has the ability to Double Jump via a large thruster tank attached to his backside. His small stature also allows him to easily be propelled in mid-air. After the player jumps, pressing the JUMP button a second time will propel Browny higher and longer into the air. If the second JUMP press is held instead, Browny's landing speed will slightly decrease for as long as the button is held. This style of jumping allows for Browny to maintain air control during jumps.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

A character is able to perform a double jump in mid-air by pressing the JUMP button after a single jump, maintaining aerial mobility. Using a second jump will not be boosted after a dash. A character can perform a single jump in mid-air if they fall off a ledge without jumping. In Rising Mode, a certain Upgrade will allow some characters the use of a Triple Jump.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

In Operation Galuga, various characters are seen performing a double jump without the need of any sort of equipment or personal enhancements. How this is possible with human characters such as Bill Rizer or Lance Bean remains unclear, although it may be related to "intense physical training" or the "Contra Gene" - though it should be noted that these two never demonstrated this ability before in any previously released Contra entry.
Lance's exclusive Perk, Lance's Spirit, increases his Double Jump height.
Of note, Browny has exclusive access to a Triple Jump - at the apex of his third jump, he clears more height than even Lance's Double Jump with Lance's Spirit equipped.


Stanley Ironside, and the Probotectors should they equip their exclusive Probo Spirit β Perk, have the ability to hover in mid-air after a jump. This helps them traverse greater horizontal distances at a faster speed than running, and assists with crossing large gaps. Additionally, they can also perform a small mid-air jump out of their hover.
Stanley's exclusive Perk, Stanley's Spirit, increases the duration of his Hover.



  • It is possible to hack infinite jumping in some (if not all) Contra games.