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Doctor Spider (ドクタースパイダー Dokutā Supaidā?) is a miniboss in Contra: Hard Corps. He is what's left of the hapless Doctor Geo Mandrake after being exposed to his own experiments using the alien cell. A monstrous mutated creation with both spider-like appearance and abilities.


Realizing the harm Doctor Geo's research has done, Colonel Bahamut takes him prisoner and, as the Hard Corps break into his base, he uses a ray (presumably using alien cell technology developed by the doctor himself) on the doctor, making him mutate into a half-man/half-spider monster.

The hostile creature begins the encounter by making a complete clockwise run crawling along the room's walls. Anytime he is shot while crawling, he'll immediately speed up until he performs his next action. After a while, the creature will stop and fire a laser web string that ricochets along the room's walls, forming a (non-lethal) spiderweb of sorts, after which it climbs onto it and follows the trail while shooting either single plasma beams that track the player until it sticks to a surface, or several straight firing ones in a spreading manner, which also stick to the surface. Once he reaches the end of the web-line, the overall pattern repeats. These attacks are performed in that order and repeated until the monster is defeated.

The creature possesses an enduring 250 HP, and awards the player who defeats him 3,000 points. Careful and quick movements are required to avoid taking damage from this nimble foe.



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