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Doctor Spider (ドクタースパイダー Dokutā Supaidā?) is a miniboss in Contra: Hard Corps. He is what's left of the hapless Doctor Geo Mandrake after being exposed to his own experiments using the alien cell. A monstrous mutated creation with both spider-like appearance and abilities.


Realizing the harm his research has done, Colonel Bahamut takes Doctor Geo Mandrake prisoner and, as the Hard Corps break into his base, he uses a ray (presumably) using alien cell technology on the doctor, making him mutate into a half-man/half-spider monster.

The hostile creature begins by making a complete run crawling along the room's walls; once he stops, it shoots a laser web string that ricochets along the room's walls, forming a spiderweb of sorts; after which, it climbs on it and follows the trail while shooting either single plasma beams that track the player or several ones in a spreading manner.


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