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Doctor George Drake is a support character appearing in Contra: Operation Galuga. He is a scientist and genetic engineer allied with the Earth Marine Corps who studies the unusual gravity waves emanating from the Galuga Archipelago.[1] He assists Bill Rizer and Lance Bean during their missions.

He was voiced by Andrew Frankel.


Dr. Drake is a scientist working for the Earth Marine Corps, alongside Commander Doyle and Daniel Henriksen. Together these three provide support to the Contra Unit from within a secure unknown building stationed within Neo City. Dr. Drake specializes in the scientific attributes and research studies of an unknown X-type artifact generating massive energy readings and gravity waves. He sends his colleague Lucia to investigate the situation further, while the other Contras investigate the island. Lucia is able to link up to one of Red Falcon's terminals inside a Laboratory to learn more about the artifact. She meets up with the Contra Unit and together with Ariana make their way to the ruins to assess the situation. Meanwhile inside the E.M.C. HQ, Dr. Drake states to Henriksen and Doyle that they'll need Henriksen's finest minds dedicated to a certain project, possibly the G-Initiative.

Dr. Drake makes one final appearance during the game's comic book-style ending. He is seen in front of a large video monitor, with information readouts, text scripts and Lucia's status as MIA. Doyle comes in to give his condolences, but Dr. Drake quickly dismisses this and directs attention toward the status of the Lemris. The doctor states that the energy waves are gone, and without power from the Lemris, the energy field surrounding Earth will be gone. Both their fears appear to come true as the scene shifts toward the outside of the building, revealing wormholes in the sky created by alien invaders...



  • "Their source coordinates aligned squarely on the Galuga Archipelago."
  • "This scenario is the reason the protocols exist."
  • "We'll need Henriksen's finest minds dedicated to the project."





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