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An elite scientist for the Commonwealth who works in a secret weapons research facility and joins forces with Bahamut in order to protect his wife and daughter from the tyranny of the Empire.
~ In-game description

Doctor Geo Mandrake (マンドレイク博士 Mandoreiku Hakase?, lit. "Dr. Mandrake") is a minor supporting character in Hard Corps: Uprising. He is loosely based on the character of the same name from the main series, possibly being the same individual (although younger) though confirmation of this has yet to be published. He is a scientist required to be escorted to safety during a mission.


Doctor Geo is an elite scientist for the Commonwealth who is forced to work in a top-secret weapons research facility known as the Empire Industrial Laboratory. He joins forces with Bahamut in order to protect his wife and daughter from the tyranny of the Empire. He is held hostage in the capital laboratory and has to be escorted to the exit.


A cadre of chosen elite soldiers break their way into the Empire Industrial Laboratory, using stealth for the first half of the infiltration. After fighting through wave after wave of enemies, they make it to a glass holding cell where the Doctor is being contained. Once the glass is shattered by heroic attacks, the Doctor asks the elite soldiers to escort him out to safety. Above his containment chamber are video images of "instructions" on how the escort mission operates.

He will follow behind a player and face toward their direction. When a player crouches, he will duck for safety, sometimes yelping as he does. He is capable of making small leaps over crates, which can also sometimes leap over enemies as he does so. He tends to avoid being close to an enemy directly in front of him. If the player dashes too far ahead, he will comment to player to wait up, before running toward their direction. He isn't as fast as the playable characters so the hero(es) should not dash too far ahead of him. He has his own Health meter (invisible until he receives damage, before returning to invisibility) and if his health is depleted, he falls to the ground screaming. Should he be defeated, one stock from a player's life count will be removed. If this happens when the player has 00 extra lives remaining, the game is over. In a 2 Player game, both players are penalized one stock for failure, but if one player has 00 lives and the other has at least one extra stock remaining, the game continues and an extra stock is removed as normal, with nothing happening to the player with 00 lives remaining. After an extra stock is removed, Dr. Geo Mandrake will struggle to get back up, returning upward within a matter of seconds.

The escort area consists of a long hall followed by multiple flight of stairs. The doctor will warn of enemy robots breaking out of containment. At the end of a short hall at the top of the building, the heroes' chopper flies inside the building and drops down a ladder. Secured from enemy forces, the doctor climbs aboard the ladder and thanks the elite soldiers who rescued him, before flying away.

Official Data[]

Japanese description (translated)
Elite scientist at Commonwealth. He works at a secret weapons development laboratory.
He has a wife and a 4-year-old daughter.
He teams up with Bahamut to protect his family from the tyranny of the empire.


  • In his Japanese description, it mentions that his daughter is 4 years old. The age of the unnamed daughter was removed in international versions.






  • Dr. Mandrake is the only important character in Uprising who does not make an appearance during the game's opening cutscene.

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  1. Alive at the end of Hard Corps: Uprising. However, if he is in fact the same Dr. Geo who appeared in Contra: Hard Corps (which has never been officially confirmed), then he died in 2641 A.D.
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