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I'm willing to stand up and fight for those who are weak!
~ Dhanusha in Contra Returns

Dhanusha is a playable character in Contra Returns. She is a skilled archer who fights for her people.


The goddess of freedom who leads her people in the fight against the invading empire, she's revered as the "Ruler's Arrow".
~ In-game description

This was the first bad news in the spring of 2592, when the fifth son of the northern warlord leader was born. The leader of the southern army, Lierte, took a deep puff of his cigar, as if seeing the entire enemy army branching out.

The second bad news came in 2592. To celebrate, the northern warlord fired a cannon on the ceasefire line. Lierte crushed the cigarette butt in his hand, and he won the battle an hour later.

Lierte understands that the more important counterattack is not the gunpowder ahead, but a powerful family with continuous blood. At this time, the doctor sent good news that Lierte was going to be a father. "It's a lady", said the doctor. Lierte hesitated for a moment, he saw the apologetic expression in the eyes of his beautiful wife leaning against the door.

Eight months later, Dhanusha was born. If she was the second child in the family, she might be well-loved. Despite inheriting her father's deep-set eyes and mother's curly brown hair, the Dhanusha girl's face made her father regret it. He caressed her little face and fancied that she was a boy, a being who could grow into a man.

Gradually, his father raised Dhanusha as a boy, and taught her swordsmanship, marksmanship, horseback riding and archery. No one expected that Dhanusha was a born warrior. From chasing a moving rabbit to shooting a fallen leaf, from piercing a bullet to splitting reflections in water... Dhanusha's outstanding talent in the process of growing up surprised Lierte. What was more valuable than these is that Dhanusha was full of fighting spirit, and she always wanted to do the best. Whenever she completed the training excellently, her father was not stingy with his praise, "good job", "excellent job", "great", but often, the father would add another sentence, "if you were a boy, I would hand over the entire army to you."

If, if... Dhanusha heard too many ifs. Therefore, she worked even harder, hoping to prove that she was stronger than boys one day. She even organized a reserve army of girls, and applied the leadership thinking and command tactics she had learned to this team. Dhanusha understood everything very quickly, which may have come from the genes of her mother's North American political family.

During the rainy season when she was eight years old, in the canyon between the Padra River and the Hegre River, Dhanusha was leading her women's army for jungle combat training. The muddy water coated their clothes and boots and muddied their faces Suddenly, Dhanusha found a figure in the dense forest, and there were several other figures behind the figure, whoosh—she shot an arrow at the leader's ankle.

This was Dhanusha's first battle. She intercepted an important hostage of the northern warlord, and she was wounded in the confrontation. The doctor took out the bullet casings from her left arm and bandaged her. Dhanusha felt no pain. She was surrounded by a kind of excitement. She was eager to fight and fight. When her father came to see Dhanusha, the moonlight illuminated Dhanusha's thick eyelashes and pink lips clearly. Lierte looked at the sleeping Dhanusha, with complicated emotions in his eyes, and when he turned to leave, he sighed. Dhanusha gently opened his eyes and felt the pain as she watched her father leave.

Two years later, Dhanusha saw the grandest celebration of the Southern Army and the most hearty smile of his father in his life. Her brother was born.

The arrival of her younger brother completely changed Dhanusha's life. She didn't need to go to various combat courses anymore, her father hired a family teacher of traditional culture and women's etiquette for her. But Dhanusha didn't like to hear stories about women who were created by Brahma to kneel to men. She worships Pallas, the goddess of wisdom and strength. Her "soldiers" always called her out of the window, so she skipped class to continue training in the mountains, secretly watching her little brother's teachers teach.

Although the whole family only doted on her younger brother from now on, even though her father no longer taught her things, she concentrated on training her younger brother to be her successor. Although he can't understand everything, she doesn't hate this guy who is 10 years younger than herself. She loves him, likes to lift him up, take him to play games in the mountains, and of course, asks him to use the skills he has learned on herself.

So on, year after year.

In a blink of an eye, Dhanusha grew into a beautiful girl with many admirers. Her parents began to plan her marriage, hoping to marry into a powerful family. But Dhanusha was still holding out hope that maybe when she defeated her brother, her father would value her more. The family teacher told Dhanusha that marriage is her most important battlefield and the best contribution she can make to the family, and her younger brother is the one who leads the army to win the handed down bow.

Legendary Bow? What is the Heirloom Bow? Dhanusha had never heard of these four words.

There is an unspoken secret in this country. The bow handed down is not a story, but real. It is the reason and purpose of the war between the North and South Warlords for many years. The handed down bow is kept by the highest elder of the country, and only the strongest family can get it, and the person who gets the handed down bow also has command over all the troops.

At this moment, Dhanusha finally understood that his father had never intended to entrust her with the family responsibility, and the grievances he had kept in his heart for twenty years suddenly turned into deep complaints.

She rushed out of the door, stepped on the horse, and galloped toward the line of fire. Disappointed, resentful, and sad, Dhanusha, who was wrapped up in these emotions, met the son of the northern warlord at the border, who was one year older than her. Obviously, the young general did not expect the opponent in front of him to be so beautiful. Dhanusha hung his arrows and drew his bow, but unexpectedly the other party came up with an armistice agreement.

Just now, the federal imperial army and the zombie army invaded from the northwest of the country, and the warlords of the north and south reached an agreement to abandon their previous suspicions and share a common hatred. Dhanusha had no time to react, the roar came, and the fighter group had already attacked them. All of a sudden, flames shot out and thick smoke billowed everywhere.

Due to lack of preparedness, the army of the alliance just now suffered heavy casualties. A beam of laser cannons was fired at Dhanusha. The face that was bright and handsome a few minutes ago was already stiff. In this way, he carved his own image into Dhanusha's heart.

In 2612, under the erosion of artillery fire by the federal imperial army and zombie troops, the country's defense line collapsed, and the southern army led by Lierte was also slaughtered by the enemy overnight. Both parents and younger brother died under enemy fire. Dhanusha, who was deeply saddened, watched the children and women of her country being killed and humiliated by the enemy. Unwilling to give in, she led her own women's army to rise up and resist. Her heroic fighters blocked the enemy's attacks again and again with their outstanding combat power, constantly creating miracles. Their deeds spread throughout the country, and more and more men and women joined Dhanusha's army, and the whole country and families with different names united to defend against the enemy. Gradually, everyone regarded Dhanusha as a "Goddess of Freedom".

On the day of Dhanusha's 20th birthday, the oldest member of the National Council of Elders took her into the secret underground palace. Legend has it that there was a symbol of the country's divine power enshrined here. Yes, Dhanusha got the most powerful in her life. Gift - the Bow of the World. The Council of Elders hoped that Dhanusha could use this magic bow to lead the whole country to repel the invaders. Holding the divine bow in her hand, Dhanusha thought of her father, her eyes were moist, she wished her father could see this scene. Dhanusha was determined to live up to expectations.

In 2613, the empire collapsed.

Dhanusha and the people were overjoyed when they heard the news, and held a celebration ceremony on New Year's Eve. Dhanusha and her women's army took off their battle uniforms and put on traditional dresses. They were no longer invincible and strong fighters. Their eyes of hatred and anger turned gentle and moving. They made snacks, sang and danced together, and felt displaced in the war. of people handing out food and daily necessities...

Just when everything looked so beautiful and peaceful, the wandering remnants of the empire and the zombie army launched a final crazy counterattack and attacked the celebration ceremony. Although the enemy was repulsed in the end, Dhanusha was infected with the zombie virus because of protecting the children, and her life was in danger. All the people prayed to the gods to heal her. Some people vowed to fast, some vowed to do good deeds, some vowed to defend the country to the death...

A miracle finally happened, Dhanusha did not die, her face became rosy day by day, not only healed, but also gained a more powerful divine power than ordinary people - since then, her body has also aged much slower than others, and her appearance forever stopped at 20 years old.

After the war, the country joined the Earth Federation Government, and Dhanusha was honored as the "Ruler's Arrow" and became a symbol of national independence and freedom.

In the subsequent Alien Wars, she led her nation to resist the alien invasion again and again, but she believed that this was not a long-term solution, and the defense was only temporary. The source of the alien invasion should be completely eliminated in order to obtain final peace. Therefore, Dhanusha led her elite subordinates to join the soul force of the Earth Federation Government, hoping to find the real reason for the alien invasion together with the soul force.


  • "I fight for the weak."
  • "Worse than poverty and deprivation is the weakness of the will and the soul."


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