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Destroi (激震砲 デストロイ Gekishin-hō Desutoroi?, lit. "Earthquake Cannon Destroi") is an enemy in Contra. It is a repeater cannon that lobs explosives in an arc.

Only a couple appear in the arcade version of Contra, both mounted on the Defense Wall. In all ports of this game and sequels, they are replaced by standard cannons affixed to the fort and usually are no longer considered a separate enemy.


Contra: Shattered Soldier[]

Only a single mounted quad-pointed cannon appears on the Defense Wall, center-face and larger than normal. From each of its tipped barrels, it constantly fires off an explosive napalm in front of itself in an arcing manner, one at a time, with very little reload time in-between shots. The blast of a napalm engulfs a large contact area. Destroying the entire cannon grants 4% to the total Hit Rate.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

These repeating cannons return in this game as individual enemies. A the end of the first stage, the player has to face two Defense Walls –one attacking from the front and another from the rearguard– which come armed with their usual Destroi repeating cannons that lob bombs in an arc; and after defeating them, the player also has to face a Sensor miniboss. However, if the player destroyed a Defense Wall but the Destroi cannons weren't individually dealt with as well, they'll continue operating during the remaining miniboss fights. This can be especially dangerous while fighting the Sensor, as the constant lobbed bombs from the cannons can notably hinder the player's maneuverability and evading options while they are trying the evade all of the miniboss's barrage of attacks during the encounter. Furthermore, the bombs are thrown faster and are aimed directly at the player in this game, making their avoidance even harder.



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