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Not to be confused with Spike Wall.

The Defense Wall, also known by a variety of other names, is a recurring boss in the Contra series. It is a tall and heavily armed defense mechanism that usually guards the entrance to an underground enemy base. It is one of the most iconic bosses in the series and appears in almost every game, usually as a boss or a miniboss in one of the earlier stages. It bears the honor of being the very first boss witnessed in the entire Contra series.


The Defense Wall is a high-tech defense mechanism that has two mounted Repeater Cannons on its middle section, as well as a sniping station at its top (depending on the game, there can be from one to four snipers, and other snipers may eventually replace their fallen comrades). A glowing energy core is located near the structure's base which acts as its weak spot.

While on early installments the core remained passive during encounters, starting from Contra 4 it was given the ability to project a powerful energy beam, a trait that has remained for most of its incarnations afterward, introducing a risk-versus-reward factor while fighting it. Furthermore, some recent titles have dismissed the "wall" or "fort" title from its name in favor to consider the whole structure as a hi-tech cannon, giving it names such as "Wave/Shock Cannon".




First appearance of the Defense Wall in the series. It is the boss of the first level, and as such, the very first boss to appear in the entire Contra franchise. In this introductory version, its blaster cannons are individually known as Destroi and they shoot energy bombs in a slight arcing pattern; they can be destroyed separately. The sniper at the top of the structure will not respawn, leaving the wall defenseless. Destroying the core will yield the player with 10,000 points, eliminating this large barricade.


Like in the arcade version, the wall will fire from its blaster cannons and the projectiles will fall to the ground in an arcing motion. The sniper will shoot the player much more accurately this time around. While the sniper can be killed, another one will take his place shortly afterward.

Contra III: The Alien Wars[]

Called the Middle Fortress in this game, the structure is a green, mid-sized variant of the Defense Wall that appeared in the original arcade version of Contra, and as such, it attacks almost the same way, with the main difference being that enemies can come from the rearguard.

In the Game Boy port, Contra: The Alien Wars, the wall lacks the two cannons, and instead of a sniper it has a Grenade Thrower on top.

Contra: Legacy of War[]

Encountered midway through the first stage and featuring some modifications; instead of being a vertical structure, the wall is constructed in a horizontal fashion and through a pathway, acting more as a blockade. Its two blasters are affixed to each side of the structure –one on the left and one on the right– and a sniper is positioned at the top, shooting through a small emplacement made for this purpose. Killing the sniper will destroy the whole structure and allow further progress into the level.

Contra: Shattered Soldier[]

The Defense Wall appears at the end of the Archipelago's Jungle region, in an identical manner as its Contra counterparts. Guarding the Blood Falcon main HQ, it stands tall with a concealed core and one large central cannon above said core, with the usual gunner mounted on top. The left side of the arena has smaller platforms to reach the boss from different elevations. The central cannon of the wall fires arcing napalms which cause large lingering explosions on an impacted surface, making this variant a bigger threat. If the sniper is eliminated, another one will take its place, up to two more replacements after the initial sniper's defeat. A Shield Soldier also guards the core on the ground surface of the battlefield. Samurai grunts storm the battlefield from offscreen as well, entering from either the ground elevation or from the middle-left platform, leaving the highest elevation the only safe zone from their assault. After a few seconds into battle, the lower square hatch opens up and reveals a red, fleshy core, the wall's usual weak spot.

All of the enemies except the ground samurai, and the wall's cannon must be destroyed before destroying the core in order to achieve max Hit Rate, meaning the core must be the last part to destroy. Each Sniper counts as 1%, totaling 3% Hit Rate for all Snipers shot down. The Cannon itself is worth 4%, and the core itself is worth 5% Hit Rate. The Shield Soldier must also be destroyed before the core or else he is forcefully ignored and not defeated. Destroying the wall's core eliminates the wall and allows the pair of heroes inside the Blood Falcon HQ.

Contra 4[]

This version has two phases:

Phase 1

Acts almost exactly as the Contra arcade version; however, it can now fire a large laser beam straight ahead from its core.

Phase 2

Once the core has been destroyed, the rest of the fortress will suddenly emerge from the ground, revealing its real form which contains a second core at its bottom. As such, the first core will now be positioned at a much higher level (on the upper screen of the DS) and will also regenerate, requiring the player to destroy both of them to defeat the fortress. The bottom half acts just like phase one, but the top half will now have four Dirk McShooters protecting it rather than one. Both cores can fire the laser now and could potentially catch an inattentive player off guard. Luckily, the Contra Force transport helicopter will also arrive in this phase to aid the player, allowing them to cling onto it with their Grappling Hook to fight the upper core more easily.

Contra ReBirth[]

Two Defense Walls are encountered in Stage 2, Dystopian Metropolis, each emerging from metal panels on the ground which open as the player approaches. They behave almost exactly like their Contra III counterparts, although this time the cannonballs lobbed by the turrets will instead bounce forward for a brief distance before disintegrating. The first fortress has only one sniper on top, and the second one has two.

In both cases, when destroyed, the whole structures will fall backward and create an impromptu ramp for the player to step upon and reach the remains of road above, allowing them to advance further into the level.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

The Defense Wall appears twice in this game.

First encounter

The blaster cannons are non-functional but the fortress retains the laser attack from Contra 4. An extra gun is added, allowing it to fire another smaller laser beam at the higher platform. After a while, the sniper respawns if killed. The bottom laser is thicker and therefore more dangerous. It leaves behind rings around it's firing range, warning the player of its inescapable ground attack. The player must alternate between the ground and platform to avoid both lasers.

Second encounter

The bottom laser instead fires a large, fast moving spherical energy projectile. The wall normally fires one at a time but when below half of it's energy, it fires three orbs at a time lined up horizontally. As before, the sniper respawns if killed and a smaller laser firing a long beam is present. There is no hovering platform available. The player must jump over the spheres to avoid taking damage, but must be cautious of the overhead laser as it can hit anyone performing a double jump. Before entering the battle, it is possible to climb on a Vine leading to the Defense Wall, high out of reach from the ground level. At the vine's high elevation, the vine can be used to avoid both its laser the sphere attacks, leaving only the Soldiers to deal with as a constant threat. The Wall's core can be hit diagonally from the rightmost edge of the vine, though one should be cautions not to fall off.

After being defeated, it is possible to jump on top of the wall, at the sniper's post. For the first wall, the player must be on top of the hover platform and perform a running long double jump followed by an aerial dash. For the second wall, the player needs to reach the hanging vine before the battle and stay on there when the wall is defeated, then double jump and/or midair dash over to the post. In both instances, landing on top of the sniper post will reveal a hidden "flag" which spawns a gold flying capsule containing a 1-up.

Contra Returns[]

Called Wave Cannon in this game, the fortress displays the same attack patterns as in previous games, but the fight is divided in two phases. When one story of the wall is destroyed, another one will emerge to continue the battle. As with Uprising, it is once again possible to jump on top of the wall. It is also possible to climb on each wall to reach the top.

When defeated, the Wave Cannon will sink straight under the ground where it arose and explode.

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

Deep within the jungle, the heavily armed Super Wall defends the entrance to Red Falcon's base. This mini-fortress conceals many tricks; just when you think it's defeated, it will assume a new form.
~ Description from the official Contra: Operation Galuga website

Not only does a Defense Wall appear within a Jungle stage, but a later encounter has two appear opposite of each other beside one edge of the screen each, boxing the player(s) in. After both Defense Walls are destroyed, the Sensor will be revealed. On Hard mode, the second Defense Wall's core and both Defense Wall's Destrois will regenerate after a short time once the Sensor is revealed. Even if the core of a Super Wall is destroyed, this will not eliminate the cannons nor the perching Sniper. The two Super Walls are climbable and can be stood on from the top.






  • There are also similar-looking alien barriers and walls that only appear in C: The Contra Adventure.
  • Despite the blaster cannons being present in the Hard Corps: Uprising version, the wall doesn't actually use them during combat and serve no useful purpose whatsoever.

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