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For the Contra Returns character, see Deadeye Joe (Returns).

An evil terrorist who has had most of his body converted to cyborg parts. Combat is his only source of pleasure. A truly dangerous character.
~ Hard Corps instruction booklet

Deadeye Joe (デッドアイジョー Deddo Ai Jō?) is a character and the secondary antagonist in Contra: Hard Corps. He is an evil terrorist who has had most of his body converted to cyborg parts.


Deadeye Joe is a cybernetic mercenary hired by Colonel Bahamut as part of a diversion to distract the Hard Corps task force while he went on to the research laboratory to steal the Alien Cell.

A true sadist, battle is Deadeye's only source of pleasure and will even disobey orders if that means engaging in a challenging and exciting battle, and won't think it twice about taking his own life should he meet defeat.

At one point, he rescues the Hard Corps from their cell after they were captured by Bahamut's forces, telling them not to misunderstand his actions as a truce between them, as he only does it to meet them in the battlefield one last time and destroy them himself.

He is later killed by the player (or by other means) in most of the story scenarios.


Deadeye Joe can be fought multiple times and in many different ways during a single playthrough, with most scenarios having him being killed by the player. When, how, and if he's met depends on the decisions taken by the player during the course of the game.

Powered Ninja Murasame[]

Joe is first encountered at the end of the first area, City Battle, revealed to be piloting Murasame, a supposed unmanned robot. He escapes after being defeated.

High Mobility Tracking Robot[]

In order to fight the Tracking Robot, choose the following option at the end of City Battle:

  • "Go after Deadeye Joe"

The player enters the High Speed Fight stage, where they go in pursuit of the terrorist while riding high velocity motoroids. Later in the level, he is seen entering an enemy battleship from where he continues the battle. Once the airship is destroyed, the player will appear running on foot on the highway with Joe giving chase while controlling the giant Tracking Robot.

The robot has two phases: the first, where it smashes the spiked maces on its extendible arms, and the second, where its torso cockpit starts rebounding on the highway attempting crush the player. After the robot is destroyed, Deadeye will reveal he was just a decoy and blow himself up.

Long Hand Guy[]

In order to fight Long Hand Guy, choose the following option at the end of City Battle:

  • "Rescue the research center"

Joe is fought again at the end of Stage 4, Jungle. He will appear riding a mechanical pod known as "Long Hand Guy", a machine which has three phases. In the first one, it will fire various projectiles which are easy to avoid. The second phase is similar, except it doesn't have a chain and fires a laser beam. The third and last one is a bit harder because it will shoot a giant electric beam which goes in all directions. Once defeated, Joe will escape by flying away.

Crab the Joe[]

In order to fight Crab the Joe, choose the following options:

  • "Rescue the research center"
  • "Surrender and fight later"

Right after defeating an unmanned Long Hand Guy by following this route, the player will be leaded into a trap where Doctor Geo Mandrake reveals he had been working with Colonel Bahamut all along, and then suggests the Hard Corps to surrender peacefully. Agreeing to this has the heroes being apprehended by the enemy forces.

Joe will come and rescue the Hard Corps from their cell while being transported inside a military train and give them their weapons back, although making it clear that it's only because he wants to challenge them again. He is then fought riding Crab the Joe as the first miniboss in the next level. Once defeated, he gets killed by Bahamut himself due to his constant failures.

Deadeye Joe[]

In order to fight Deadeye Joe himself, choose the following options:

  • "Rescue the research center"
  • "Fight to the end"
  • "Refuse!"

Right after defeating Joe's controlled Long Hand Guy by following this route, the player will be leaded into a trap where Doctor Geo Mandrake reveals he had been working with Colonel Bahamut all along, and then suggests the Hard Corps to surrender peacefully. If declining, the player fights creatures created by the doctor's Genesis Machine, who ultimately meets his demise by one of them during the struggle.

After Colonel Bahamut is defeated in the final stage, Joe will personally fight the player using his jetpack. The battle takes place while riding four missiles as the Hard Corps are in pursuit of a rocket flying into space containing the Alien Cell. The heroes ask him to stop the hostilities, as Bahamut has already been defeated, but the stubborn Joe, seeking nothing more than the thrill of the fight, still challenges them to an ultimate battle.

During the fight, Joe just limits himself to fly from one end of the screen to the other in a semi-circular pattern. Every time he gets to one end, he shoots a blast straightforward from his weapon. Not being protected by any kind of armored vehicle this time around, he isn't very resilient and it will only take a few well placed shots to bring him down.

Regional differences[]

In Probotector, the PAL version of Contra: Hard Corps, Deadeye Joe was redesigned into an alien. His head is now alien shaped with red eyes, with the design of the head bearing a resemblance to a xenomorph, the antagonistic species from the Alien franchise. According to the instruction booklet, his name was changed to "Alien Commando", with the description: "An alien battle elite, and a nasty killer." However, his in-game name appears as "Alien Commander"; the reason for this is unclear, but it is most likely due to translation. The latter name could have been used to represent him leading the unmanned robots throughout the City. Because of these changes, the game slightly differs in plot in regard to Deadeye Joe:

  • In the opening cutscene of the Military Train stage, an Air Police soldier will bust the heroes out of imprisonment instead. This unique looking soldier is simply a modified sprite of Deadeye Joe's, with the textbox of the cutscene also being altered to give the appearance of an Air Policeman.
  • In the Missile stage, Deadeye Joe's appearance during the Missile battle has a slightly differently shaped head (possibly a helmet), appearing more like a robot enemy.

Quotes and sounds[]






  • Although Deadeye Joe's artwork depicts him as having blond hair, his in-game sprite is black haired (possibly due to palette limitations).
  • His Japanese cover artwork doesn't match with his instruction booklet artwork or his in-game dialogue portrait. The cover artwork depicts him with the nozzle on his mask positioned to his right side, with it attached to his right eye on one end (his right eye is completely covered).
  • His artwork from the Japanese Hard Corps instruction booklet depicts him with a blue colored robotic right eye, but his in-game textbox image depicts his cyborg eye with a red pupil.
  • Deadeye Joe's laughter is heard when the debug cheat code is successfully inputted.

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  1. 1.0 1.1 In the European release of the game, Probotector, Deadeye Joe's identity was changed and referred to as the "Alien Commando"/"Alien Commander", following the overall redesign the game had to go through by replacing the main characters and human enemies with robotic counterparts in order to comply with the laws in countries where the sales of media deemed too violent for children were banned.
  2. Probotector instruction booklet, page 40.
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