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Shattered Soldier Database Menu

The Data Base menu in Shattered Soldier.

The Database (spelled Data Base in the Database itself) is a Bonus Feature in Contra: Shattered Soldier. It provides detailed descriptions of many relevant aspects regarding the Contra series, such as characters and events descriptions, as well as other terminologies.


The Database is a bonus feature in the ETC category of the Options menu. It must first be unlocked by clearing the game on at least the Normal difficulty setting. Within the Database, lies a list of topics and dates that when selected, shows an image for the topic chosen. The dates list the important events regarding the story revolving around Contra: Shattered Soldier, as well as the general Contra series. Note that the Database revolves around the official canon established in the original Japanese versions of the listed games. The NTSC version titles all non-character topics simply by date, whereas the Japanese version uses a brief description for a respective non-character topic's title.

The Database's theme is "S Power".

List of topics[]


The list of topics are as followed:

Image Description
Shattered Soldier Contra description
Shattered Soldier Data Base Bill Rizer
Bill Rizer
Shattered Soldier Data Base Lucia
Shattered Soldier Data Base Lance Bean
Lance Bean
Shattered Soldier Data Base The Triumvirate
The Triumvirate
Shattered Soldier Data Base 2631
The events of the first Contra.
Shattered Soldier Data Base 2634
The telling of the events of Super Contra.
Shattered Soldier Data Base 2635
The events of Operation C.
Shattered Soldier Data Base 2636
A telling of the Alien War.
Shattered Soldier Data Base 2641
A description of the events of Contra: Hard Corps.
Shattered Soldier Data Base 2642
Shattered Soldier Data Base 2647
Details about Blood Falcon.

Japan (translated)[]

The following lists both topics and their description translated. Note that there may be possible translation errors present:

Image Description
Shin Contra db2-whatiscontra
Bill Rizer
( ビル・ライザー )
Shin Contra db3-Bill Rizer
( ルシア )
Shin Contra db4-lucia
Lance Bean
( ランス・ビーン )
Shin Contra db5-Lance Bean
Lance Bean

Bill Reiser's former comrade-in-arms, a legendary hero who together led the Alien Wars to victory. Six years ago, he was thought to have died at the hands of someone else, but now he stands before Bill as the supreme commander of the Blood Falcon, a mysterious armed terrorist organization that threatens the very survival of the human race. Why has he risen from the dead? And what is his purpose?

( 元老院 )
Shin Contra db6-triumvirate
The Senate

The Senate is the highest decision-making body of the Earth's unified government, consisting of the three senators Gaius, Nero, and Commodus. All of the members have been given life-prolonging cyborg technology, and are old men who have already aged several hundred years. They have been under the influence of information-sharing devices implanted in their brains for a long time, and as a result, they have come to think in a controlled manner as if they were a single organism.

Galga Islands incident
( ガルガ諸島事件 )
Shin Contra db7-2631 Contra
The Galga Islands Incident

In 2631 A.D., a mysterious meteorite fell in the Galga Islands off the coast of New Zealand. Two years later, upon receiving information that an armed group calling itself the Red Falcon had fortified the Garga Islands, the Earth Marine Corps Command determined that this was part of an alien plan to annihilate the human race and dispatched two "Soul of the Galga" - Corporal Bill Reiser and Corporal Lance Bean. Their efforts resulted in the collapse of the enemy fortress, and the incident was kept a top secret and known only to a few high-ranking officials.

GX military exercise accident
( GX軍事演習事故 )
Shin Contra db8-2634 Super Contra
GX Military Exercise Accident

In December 2634 A.D., General Hal, who was participating in military exercises of the 7th GX military in South America, issued a mysterious distress call. In response, the upper echelons of the federal military ordered Bill, Lance, and the most powerful "Soul Dora" team in history to go out again to deal with the unusual situation. Bill and his team immediately rushed to the scene and found an alien that had been thought to be dead. The "Soul Dora" was forced to struggle against the attack of an even more powerful and transformed enemy, but after a fierce battle, they finally succeeded in defeating it. Later, the government officials decided to treat the incident as an accidental weapon explosion during a training exercise, and the truth was once again shrouded in darkness.

Discovery of a top-secret plan for a certain country
( 某国の極秘プラン発覚 )
Shin Contra db9-2635 Operation C
Alien War
( 工イリアン戦争 )
Shin Contra Data Base 2636
Bahamut Mutiny
( バハムート騒乱 )
Shin Contra db11-2641-contrahardcorps
Supermagnetic weapon run amok
( 超磁カ兵器暴走 )
Shin Contra Database 2642-hypermagnetic grid malfunction
Blood Falcon
( ブラッドファルコン )
Shin Contra db13-2647 Blood Falcon



  • Some title words are spelled with or without a final "s". This could be partly due to Japanese translations not differentiating singulars from plurals.
    • Alien Wars is spelled "Alien War".
    • The Alien Cell is spelled as "alien cells" (with an 's' and not capitalized). However, with the way the description is written, it implies that multiple cells were being stored.
  • The NTSC version of the game mentions Bill Rizer and Lance Bean as the heroes of the Alien Wars, instead of their English localization counterparts, Jimbo and Sully. The original Japanese story was likely used in order to fit with the events of Contra: Shattered Soldier.
  • Hard Corps is spelled "HardCorps" (no space in between words).
  • Colonel Bahamut's name is spelled as "Major Bahamut", reflecting how his name appears in the English Contra: Hard Corps instruction booklet.
Uprising Database
  • The term "Database" is later used in Hard Corps: Uprising, for a small screen in the main menu that displays total in-game time and kill total.