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Dash or Dashing is a technique used in the Contra series. It allows for a quick burst of speed and is also used to very briefly dodge enemy attacks. It behaves similarly to Slide; however, it can be performed in mid-air (including during a jump), and the player character also remains at a standing height during the maneuver.


Neo Contra[]

Because the entire game is played in a top-down scenario, the jump button does not exist in this game. Instead, pressing the X button will make the player character perform either an Evasion or Dash maneuver: Pressing the X button while idle will have them perform an Evasion move, which keeps the player spinning in place to avoid enemy attacks for a brief second or two. Pressing the X button while holding a direction will make the commando perform a quick roll in said direction pressed, dodging enemy fire in the process. Both types of movement must be timed correctly in order to escape enemy fire successfully. A Dash is also useful for moving at a slightly faster pace than normal, though one must watch out for when the dash is complete as they are not immune when coming out of a Dash.

Hard Corps: Uprising[]

By holding the Dash button, a player can run faster than normal. If the forward direction is held while running, a player's jump will propel them farther than normal, including with a Double Jump. During a dash jump, the momentum is reset to normal if the forward direction is released or any other direction is pressed. When running via dashing, releasing the Dash button will have the characters skid to a halt. A dash can also be performed in mid-air, which can be chained to and with a double jump. Using a dash in mid-air will have the player briefly propel forward before returning to default momentum and gravity. Dashing cannot be performed on hang bars or while climbing. If a character is hit while dashing, they may receive twice the normal amount of damage if hit by an enemy.

In Rising Mode, the Speed Run upgrade can increase running speed of a ground dash, while the Speed Boost upgrade can increase the speed of a midair dash. The Air Boost +1 upgrade can allow for a second mid-air dash after performing the first one without first landing. Dashing can also be used to set up further actions, such as the following:

Contra: Operation Galuga[]

Dashing can be used in mid-air, while hanging from a roof or hang bar, or while on hover bikes. Gordea can perform a dashing tackle during its battle.



Ray Poward - Hard Corps - 01
  • During the opening of Contra: Hard Corps, Ray Poward is seen performing a move similar in appearance to Dashing. In Probotector, CX-1 and CX-2 share this pose during the opening.
  • The dash mechanic bears a striking resemblance to an identical dashing mechanic used throughout the Megaman X series.

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