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Darr (電光自走弾 ダル Denkō Jisō-dan Daru?, lit. "Flash Self-propelled Grenade Darr") is an enemy in the Contra series. They are cylindrical-shaped explosives that roll toward the front of the screen.


Darrs generally appear as obstacles during non-side scrolling stages. They are self-propelled, cylindrical-shaped explosives that come out from small openings usually located on the back wall of a room. Once released, they roll toward the front to deal with any enemies that cross their path. They can also be deployed by soldiers as they run across. They can be jumped over or destroyed by going prone and shooting at them as they approach.

Darrs first appeared in the two pseudo 3D levels of the original Contra (Base 1 and Base 2), and later in a similar stage in Contra 4. Their first 3D appearance was in Neo Contra, during the battle with the two Sensor security walls.


C: The Contra Adventure[]

In this game, they are thrown by robots in a hallway level similar to those from the first Contra, and behave the same.

Neo Contra[]

Darrs appear as explosive cylinders throughout Stage 2, being silver with green lined energy. Darrs first appear being dropped by a soldier inside the Geroika carrier miniboss. The soldier will toss one directly in from of him aimed at a hero. The container will bounce in a straight line for a short time before exploding. After tossing one, a Darr will instantly spawn out of thin air beside the soldier, ready to be tossed.

Shortly after this encounter, the heroes climb a wall with hidden holes protruding from the its surface. The holes open up to reveal enemy soldiers that chuck Darr containers (or other objects) directly beneath them, during a heroic chase by the Earth Dragon. Since this latter encounter takes place while climbing a vertical section, Darrs are simply dropped into the void.

Darrs are once again seen immediately afterward after the large beast battle, during the laser turret battle against the armored gates immediately after. In this appearance, Darrs behave strongly as they did from past adventures: within two rooms are air vents on the floor by the walls. These vents will puff out air, followed by firing a spinning Darr onto the ground. The speed of its launch will slow down along with its spinning, until it stands horizontally straight. A Darr will then roll straightforward slowly until it explodes onto a wall or hero (killing them if it hits the latter). These Darrs cannot be destroyed by the heroes due to a lack of a crouch button. Low angle weaponry (like the diver mine) will also not work; bullets will simply pass through a Darr harmlessly. A Darr can be avoided using an evade action, but will kill a player using a Dash if it makes contact with them.

Contra: Evolution[]

In this game, they can be destroyed at close range with Sally's sword stab.



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