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D.N.M.E. is the main antagonistic organization in Contra Force. They are a terrorist organization that plan on taking over Neo City at all costs.


In 1992, C-Force –an independent law enforcement group made up of National Special Force alumni– is formed to protect Neo City from terrorism. In their most recent caper, D.N.M.E. has kidnapped the city's Chief Commissioner.

One day, the team's leader, Burns, receives a phone call from their informant, "Fox", who tells him the Head of Intelligence is being threatened by a criminal organization known as D.N.M.E. Burns arranges a meeting with Fox at the harbor to learn more about the situation, only to find his dead body when he arrives at the rendezvous point. After a fierce battle in the harbor, D.N.M.E. boards and escapes on a boat they had ready outside the building, while the C-Force unit gives chase - more important that defeating all of their forces is to extract information from them.

After the sea trip, D.N.M.E. takes a temporary holdup inside a high-rise that's still under construction, having set the building with a series of traps to hinder the heroes' advance. Among these traps is a bomb they secretly set in the building's basement, which is set to blow up while the C-Force unit is still in it, with the heroes' only hope of survival being to head for the helicopter that is on the roof.

Taking control of the chopper and having secured their escape, the C-Force unit heads back to headquarters; unfortunately, having made no real progress in the case despite already having defeated D.N.M.E.'s most dangerous generals, as the Commissioner is still missing. Suddenly, the silence is broken as numerous D.N.M.E. troops break into the building like a swarm of bees and all guns blazing. While the C-Force unit has the advantage of fighting in their own turf, they are outnumbered ten to one. However, and against all odds, they manage to repel the raid and even manage to defeat their supreme leader, Thunder Wolf, who makes his last stand on the building's roof aided by his state-of-the-art military helicopter.

Known members[]


  • The acronym "D.N.M.E." is actually a play on words where each letter spelled one after another form the phrase "The Enemy".
    • However, it is unknown if each of these letters stand for actual words, either that are abbreviations for terms and/or that form another phrase.