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This article is about the Shattered Soldier boss. For the enemy, see Crawler Tank.

An assault weapon that advances while excavating underground and plunges into a enemy base. There is also an unusual aspect that it will play an active role as a shaved ice-making machine in the summer.

The Crawler Tank is the third main boss in Contra: Shattered Soldier.


The Crawler Tank is a long-bodied machine shaped like a mechanical caterpillar that chases the player throughout the final area of Stage 3. It walks on multiple legs and has several segments, similar to a centipede. It has drills on its front that can bust through walls, which potentially can trap the player while chasing them. As such, the player has to keep moving while maintaining fire.

After taking enough damage, the Crawler Tank will advance and the player has to climb the ceiling and fire at its body segments.

After taking even more damage, it will advance more until its rear is able to fire off shots at the player. The player has to destroy this end in order to beat the boss completely.



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Theme of Shattered Soldier Stage 3 Boss - The Crawler Tank

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