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The time has come for you to meet your maker! Let's go!
~ Deadeye Joe before battle

Crab the Joe (クラブ・ザ・ジョー Kurabu za Jō?) is a miniboss in Contra: Hard Corps.


In order to fight this enemy, the player must choose "Rescue the research center" at the end of the first level, and then "Surrender and fight later" when they get ambushed by Colonel Bahamut and Doctor Geo Mandrake.


Spear Sphere - 01

A flying pod piloted by Deadeye Joe. Making honor to its name, it is an orange-colored spherical mecha which features four retractable extremities that have spears on their ends, with which it clings to the room's surfaces, giving the overall construct the appearance of a giant mechanized spider crab.

The fight consists of three phases:

Phase Description
First Phase:
Spear Sphere - 02
At the beginning of the encounter, the pod will center itself in the room and extend four legs simultaneously on each diagonal corner of the room. One by one, starting with the bottom-right leg, each leg will slowly retract and reattach to a different spot to the left of its previous position, repositioning the safe spots throughout the room. As time passes, the speed of the legs will increase, then gradually decrease once at top speed, then repeat the flow indefinitely until one leg is destroyed, interrupting the attack pattern. The player needs to pay close attention to where the legs will strike and utilize the small safe spots left between the legs to avoid receiving damage, taking care not to stay too close to a pinned or mobile leg. Each leg can be damaged independently, with the pod itself capable of blocking most weapons fire. Once enough damage has been dealt to one leg, it will explode and the rest will retract back into the pod, commencing the second phase of the fight.
Second Phase:
Spear Sphere - 03
In the second phase, the remaining three legs will extend a medium distance from the pod and start spinning around it while the pod itself starts hovering and bouncing throughout the room. Each leg and the pod itself have a collision factor; the more legs destroyed, the more movement the pod has control over itself around the room. Each leg will retain all damage dealt during the first phase, thus requiring just a few more shots until all get destroyed. Once all three remaining legs are disposed of, the pod will rapidly slam on both the ceiling and floor, marking the beginning of the third and final phase of the fight.
Third Phase:
Spear Sphere - 05
After the orb's initial bounce, it will start teleporting out of the room, homing in on a player's location, then phase back into the room and, at the last marked player location, rapidly bounce up and down between surfaces in an attempt to crush them. After it stops, it then phases out of the room again and repeats its process. As it receives damage, its teleporting/phasing movement speed increases. The pod is vulnerable to weapons fire as it bounces between surfaces. Enough damage will cease the assault, ending the machine's reign of terror.

Once defeated, the machine will halt with an energy fluctuation and explode, sending Deadeye Joe flying out injured. Colonel Bahamut will then enter the screen and, using his hover platform, obliterate the fallen mercenary to smithereens due to his constant failures. The player will then be allowed to continue to the last boss encounter of that route, but not before dealing with another threat beforehand.




  • Contra Advance Prototype Stage 5 Crab The Joe Three Spikes
    In a review prototype of Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX, the game shows that Crab the Joe's original fight from Contra: Hard Corps was to be included. In the final version, however, the fight was dummied down, probably due to difficulty or gameplay reasons.
  • In Contra: Hard Corps, each spiked leg will award the player who destroyed it 3,000 points. Whomever destroys the main body itself is awarded 10,000 points. If a player is starting a new Continue on the stage the boss appears in, they'll be guaranteed an extra life, provided that player destroys all five parts.

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