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Blocking is an action performed by an administrator to prevent a user from making changes to a wiki. Usually, blocking is used only on users who have misbehaved in some way. A block may be any length, depending on the situation. Blocks may be appealed on the user's Message Wall. If the block parameter "Cannot edit own talk page" is checked, then the user may try to contact an admin at Community Central or in our Discord server. In severe cases, a range-block may be used to block a group of IPs if the vandal is using multiple IP addresses to vandalize the wiki.

A user is commonly blocked for the following reasons:

  • Vandalism
  • Spam
  • Uncivil or aggressive behavior toward other users
  • Impersonating a staff member
  • Unacceptable username
  • Cross-wiki vandal

This article explains terms of common activities or behaviors that can lead to a user account being blocked from this wiki, as well as their expected lengths and the measures they can take to put their case under examination for the block to be removed. It also provides general guidelines of conduct to inform and help users to avoid potentially incurring in an unacceptable activity that could get them blocked.

It's up to the administrators to decide the length of a block depending on the seriousness of the offense.

  • In most cases, the first block can have a short length, such as two hours and up to three days.
  • If the same user is found incurring in either the same or any other offense, then a second and lengthier block may be given, which may last for weeks (usually two) or even months.
  • If the same user is found incurring in a third offense after having being blocked twice, then the third block will most likely be permanent or at least last much longer (possibly even for years).

Nevertheless, the points listed above are just a guideline and depending on the gravity of the offense an administrator can decide to even give a permanent block right away if it was serious enough.

Please, keep in mind that just because something is not listed here does not necessarily mean that it is allowed. The wiki administrators reserve their right to block a user who does an act that is clearly wrong or disruptive but that is not specifically listed as against the rules. This also applies in cases where a user has an unacceptable behavior or does something that is clearly wrong, but takes care of technically not breaking any of the rules listed in this article.


Vandalism-only accounts

See also: Vandalism-only account at Wikipedia

A vandalism-only account (or VoA for short) is an account which is created with the only objective of vandalizing a wiki. If found, such accounts will be blocked indefinitely.

Common signs of a VoA account are:

  • Low edit count.
  • Low user age.
  • Spammy/offensive names.


An IP-vandal is a user who uses an anonymous account to vandalize a wiki. An IP vandal can be blocked depending on how severe the vandalism it caused was. In some cases, this is a one-time (and often minor) offense and the vandal is never seen again; in such cases, the vandalic edit is simply undone and no further punishment is applied. There are rare cases where the user themself undoes their vandalism shortly after having made it; in these cases, also no further punishment is applied.


Disruptive editing is where a user edits with/without the intent to disrupt the site, causing impedance of the project, problems for editors, or hindrance of progress of an article or template. Disruption can be vandalism or it can just be editing with good faith, but the edits are not helpful overall. Disruptive edits may be reverted at will.

Please, keep in mind that many of the practices we use on this wiki are the result of many years of collaborations, as well as the involvement of administration teams from different eras, some of which could even be considered "traditional"; as such, changes to certain aspects of the structural build of the wiki may not be well received without first having consulted them with one of our administrators (some examples would be changing the image of a character's infobox or changing the order in which the sections of an article are arranged).

A disruptive editor may be banned, sanctioned, or blocked if the edits become a large problem for the community.

In cases where the user is mass editing pages and doesn't reply to messages on their Message Wall by the administration team asking them to stop (whether it is for not noticing or for deliberately dismissing them), will be given a short block with a default minimum length of 2 hours as an emergency measure to prevent any further pages to be modified. Users that have been blocked this way will still be able to post on their own Message Walls, allowing them a way to contact the administration team, discuss their case and possibly negotiate the lift of the block.

A disruptive editor may expect the following:

  • Reversions of any problematic edits.
  • A gentle, then strict warning, followed by blocks.
  • Topic-bans and other restrictions.
  • Revocation of rights if they are wiki staff.

Edit warring

Edit warring is an event in which two or more editors have a conflict of interests and revert each other's edits.

For example:

Joe wants an article to be written in a certain way, while Jack wants it to be written in a different way. Joe makes his edit and Joe undoes it. Joe then undoes Jack's edit, then Jack undoes Joe's, and so on.

An administrator will immediately intervene in such cases and, if necessary, act as a mediator. The administrator may also apply a short block to either/both users as a precautionary measure in order to protect the articles from being further damaged or misused. The extension of the block may be shortened or extended depending on how the issue between the involved users develops. In mild cases, the article in the site of conflict will be locked temporarily to all users but admins, while the editors come to a consensus.


See also: Sockpuppetry at Wikipedia

A sockpuppet is a user who creates multiple accounts with the main intention of disruption, vandalism, spam, block evasion, vote stacking, and many other harmful actions. If found, such accounts will be blocked indefinitely. Signs of sockpuppetry include similar editing patterns, usernames, and/or vandalism. If you have found such accounts, please contact an administrator immediately.

A sockmaster may also create alternate accounts prior to executing vandalism on a wiki. If a user is found of such an offense, they are usually blocked indefinitely.

It's highly advised by the administration team of this wiki that users have and use only one account.

Common signs of a Sockpuppet/Sockmaster are:

  • Similar editing patterns/vandalism.
  • Similar grammar.
  • Similar usernames.
  • Same area of interest.


Spam is any promotion of an entity, person or thing. Such edits are considered to be vandalism and the users involved will be immediately blocked. Users who register with a promotional username may be blocked as well. A vandal may also spam external links to shady sites; such vandals are also blocked indefinitely.

There are certain accounts that are used to spam on several wikis. If one of these accounts has spammed and been dealt with on a wiki but it is found to be doing the same on another (whether it is from the Konami Classics group or not), then it is identified as a cross-wiki spamming account that was created solely for this purpose.

Controversial topics

Users should avoid bringing up any controversial topics, whether it is on page comments, Discussions, the Discord server, Message Walls or Talk pages, as these can spark negative reaction from other users. Should someone bring up a topic that is controversial, it may be removed with or without warning to prevent any potential negative reaction from other users.

This goes in particular to political or religious views, or topics regarding to race, preferences or physical and/or mental disabilities. It's strongly advised to avoid bringing up such topics to any of our social services. This is a gaming site and discussing politics or personal beliefs can rarely bring a positive outcome.

Use of profanity

Use of profanity on this wiki is strictly forbidden whether it is on the articles (regardless if it comes from an official source, such as a character's quote that uses it), on page comments, on Discussions, profile pages, blogs, etc. In most cases, when one of these instances is found, it will simply be censored or undone and no further punishment will follow. However, if a user is found overdoing it (which often falls in the intention of causing disruption), then that account may be blocked, with the length of the block being left to the consideration of the administrator who applies it and depending on the severity of the case, as well as if it is a repeated offender.


This is an English-speaking wiki, and as such, all interactions with it must be carried on in this language. This is especially relevant when editing articles; under no circumstance should content in another language be added to an article, with the only exception being if that content comes from an official source.

This guideline is not strict, however, and administrators are allowed to show a certain level of leniency in case a dialogue in a different language ensues as a result of another conversation, as long as it's kept short and concise.

Many wikis count with versions of them in other languages. If available, these can be found by hovering the mouse over the [English▼] button at the top-right of the main area, as well as listed horizontally at the bottom of the main area.

Derogatory language

Words that could be taken in a derogatory fashion are strictly forbidden. A rule of thumb is that if the word in question could offend someone in the way you use it, odds are you shouldn't say it.

Bullying and harassment

This wiki has a zero tolerance policy on bullying. Bullying is considered the targeting of someone and speaking to them in a derogatory or otherwise harassing manner due to either their nationality, gender, sexual orientation, religion, interests, sociological factors (spelling, grammar, intellect, etc.), psychological state (mental illnesses) or physical appearance or capabilities. The act of threatening another user is also a serious offense and will be considered a severe act of harassment.

Flame wars

See also: Flaming (Internet) at Wikipedia

Flaming or roasting is the online act of posting insults, often laced with profanity or other offensive language on social networking sites. All users should always conduct in a civil and respectable manner toward others, whether it is in our Discord server, Discussions, page comments, or even while collaboratively editing an article. Everyone is free to defend their particular points of view regarding a specific topic. However, due to the natural course conversations usually take, it's expected that sometimes these conflict with each other and that debates emerge from them as a consequence. This is allowed as long as the argument is kept in a civil manner (and as friendly as possible). Any debate that stoops to uncivil manners will be stopped by a staff member as soon as it is detected. Users are expected to act in a mature manner in all the services we provide (Discord, Discussions, page comments, etc.).

Any users that are found being involved on a debate that has derived into a flame war where they have started attacking each other and/or mocking and/or demeaning each other's points of view may get blocked, with the length of the block depending on the severity of the offense(s) (left to the consideration of the administrator in turn). All toxic posts will be deleted and in severe cases the entire thread will also be deleted.

Usernames and profiles

Accounts whose usernames and/or profiles contain profanity and/or messages that could be interpreted as racist or derogative toward others are not allowed. Users falling into this category may first be asked to change these, although this is left to the consideration of the administrator in turn. If the user refuses or does not reply, the account may be temporarily blocked and the user will then be allowed to appeal their case.

Uploading files

Files that users upload to the site should not contain the following:

  • Explicit nudity. Certain provocative imagery is allowed as long as it does not offend anyone. In this regard, administrators have complete jurisdiction to decide whether an image is appropriate or not.
    • Please, keep in mins that official artworks that contain nudity and/or suggestive content may be automatically deleted by a FANDOM bot. In these cases, no punishment will be carried out toward the user.
  • Imagery that portrays racism or any other form of demeaning posture against minorities, whether it is by race, economic or social status, illness, physical or mental disabilities, as well as sexual orientations. These include, but are not limited to, images portraying stereotypes that have the intention to ridicule a specific minority.

The above guidelines are also in effect for avatars that users use on their profiles.


Any attempt to coerce other users into doing actions they wouldn't otherwise do, such as disclosing personal information, buying a product, or even meeting in real life, is prohibited as it is considered solicitation.


Linking is allowed for any appropriate content. Prohibited content includes but is not limited to: shock sites, jump scare videos (must first warn all others), pornographic content, not-safe-for-work (NSFW) images, animal abuse, piracy sites, and any other sites that in any way are linked to illegal content.


Piracy, or any other form of illegal trading activities, are not condoned in this wiki, as well as any of the social services it provides (Discord, Discussions, page comments, Message Walls, Talk pages, etc.). As such, it is suggested that our users take their own reservations in regards to openly talking about such matters, which could potentially lead them in the request and/or offering of copyrighted material (such as game ROMs, ISOs, etc.). If an user still wants to discuss about these topics, they are free to do so at their own risk via any other social services of their preference, where the administrators of this wiki have no jurisdiction.

Emulation talk, however, is allowed as long as it's on a technical and/or social manner.


Spoilers are considered the posting of any information about content or games which not everyone may have seen or played for themselves. Since many of the products covered in this wiki are relatively old, and as sometimes knowing the complete story of a product is necessary for context in an ensuing conversation, this rule is not strict and is left more as a suggestion for users while talking about these topics.

On the other hand, when talking about relatively recent products that have been released among diverse forms of media, users should be especially careful not to bring up any detailed information.

It is also advised to give the other users a fair warning before spoiling content.

Abuse of user rights

Abuse of user rights is when a user with extra privileges abuses their rights for personal gain. In a case of such abuse, users from the community should immediately report that person, preferably with one that has a higher rank. Depending on the case, the abusive user may have their rights removed either temporarily or indefinitely. Depending on the severity of the situation, the user may also be removed from their staff position and even blocked.

Cases when a user with privileges abuses their rights include, but are not limited to:

  • The user with privileges blocks another user without a valid reason or one that doesn't have enough weight according to the wiki's guidelines.
  • The length of a block given by a user with privileges is unfairly disproportionate to the fault made by the user.
  • The user uses their privileges to threaten or harass another user.
  • The user uses their privileges to impose their own authority, even if this doesn't concord with the consented ideology of the wiki.
  • The user uses their privileges to protect another user that is infringing the wiki's guidelines or is involved in an illegal activity.
  • The user uses their privileges to perpetuate themself in power (possibly as part of a conspiracy) and/or to prevent other users to be granted a staff position even if they have earned it.
  • The user uses their privileges to modify the established look and feel of the wiki and set it to their own design without consulting it first with the rest of the staff.
    • This includes the imprudent installation of scripts or modifications to the wiki's CSS.
  • The user grants privileged rights to another user without a valid reason and/or without consulting it with the rest of the staff.
  • The user neglects to assist another user who has requested their help or advice.
  • The user breaks any of the other wiki's guidelines (gets involved in an edit war, a flame war, a fight with another user, etc.).

Long-term abuse

Long-term abuse is where a user commits various guideline breaches and disruption to the community over a long period of time. Such behavior, if found, will result in a block from the wiki. Staff members found of such behavior will have their rights revoked at first sight and a block may be implemented. If you believe a user is a long-term abuser, please report it to an administrator.

Abuse Filters

An Abuse Filter is a tool designed for automatically catching non-constructive edits. It allows privileged users to set specific actions to be taken when actions by users match certain criteria. For example, a filter could be created to prevent anonymous users from adding external links, or to block a user who removes more than 2,000 characters from an article. Abuse Filters are only implemented on a wiki by specific request of its staff. Most wikis don't feature an Abuse Filter.

Users who trigger one of our Abuse Filters will be automatically blocked by the system if the filter is set to do so. If you have been falsely blocked (false positive), please contact an administrator to appeal your case. If there is no way to do so in the wiki due to the blocking, all administrators can also be contacted at Community Central or in our Discord server.

Self-requested blocks

Sometimes, people request that their account be blocked, for example, due to taking a "wikibreak" (a break from the wiki due to mental exhaustion). Such requests are not accepted.

Indefinite blocks

Indefinite blocks are blocks which are set to never expire. These blocks are generally reserved for zero-tolerance behavior, long-term abuse, and other grave types of behavior.

  • An indefinite block does not mean that an editor is permanently banned; it may be changed after each particular case has been studied.
  • An indefinite block may be implemented to prevent disruption by a particular troublesome editor.
  • Indefinite blocks may be handed out by the Abuse Filter if set to do so, as most offenders who trigger it are likely editing in bad faith.

Frequent cases where users are infinitely blocked include:

  • Long-term abusers.
    • On this wiki, the user may get a short block (between 2 hours to 3 days) on their first offense. If they repeat an offense, then the account will get a longer block (which can be of weeks or even months). If the same user is caught a third time performing an offense, then the block will be much longer (months or even years) or even indefinite. Please, keep in mind that this is just a suggested guideline and is not applied in a strict manner. Depending on the severity of the offense(s), an administrator may apply an indefinite block from the very first offense if they consider it necessary.
  • Cross-wiki vandals.
  • Intimidating behavior/harassment.
  • Users abusing multiple accounts. This includes all known accounts by that user, their sockmaster and all sockpuppet accounts.
  • Spamming accounts.


Unblocking is a mechanism where a blocked user will have access to editing, Discussions, and other actions restored. An unblock may come after a variety of circumstances. Such circumstances can include:

  • An administrator deems it fit that a user be unblocked.
  • The block is an Abuse Filter false positive.
  • The user has been blocked in a wrong manner.
  • The user has been given a second chance.
  • The user has made an agreement with the blocking administrator.


A block may be appealed either by contacting one of the administrators at Community Central, on our Discord server, or on a user's Message Wall if the ability to edit is still enabled within the block.

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