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We have arrived at Point B. Beginning the infiltration.
~ Cutscene dialog from the Famicom version

Base 2 is the fourth stage in Contra. It is the second enemy base infiltrated by the player. It is a complex of hi-tech corridors full of enemy troops and defense mechanisms.


As in Base 1, the base's layout is in the form of a complex of hi-tech corridors full of armed enemy troops and defense mechanisms. The framework is divided in several sections, each divided by what appears to be emergency shut-down walls that have to be destroyed in order to progress further into the building. Each of these walls is heavily guarded by numerous enemy troops, turrets and other traps. Just like the first labyrinth base, there is an electric barrier that will temporarily immobilize the player if touched and prevent them from advancing to next section. The barrier will deactivate once the Shoud of that section has been destroyed.

At the end of the level, Godomuga awaits the player for a final showdown.

In the NES the path is straightforward without a time limit, allowing players to play at their leisure. However, in the arcade version, players have to decide which path to take, either left or right. In addition, there is a quite strict time limit; when it reaches zero, the player will lose a life, implementing a sense of urgency to this version.







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Theme of Contra Stage 2 - Base.
Theme of Contra Stage 2 - Base NES.
Theme of Contra Stage 2 Boss Battle - Base Boss Battle.
Theme of Contra Stage 2 Boss Battle - Base Boss Battle NES.
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