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Jungle is the first stage in Contra.


In the hardest setting of the arcade version of Contra, as the player begins to advance on the top platform, some Red Falcon frogmen will swim from the bottom toward the player. When directly above the player, they will jump out of the river attempting to stab them with their knives.

Exploding bridge

There are two bridges throughout the level packed with explosives which will activate as the player crosses over. Should one make their way to the other side, they will have a higher chance of obtaining a Spread Gun. The bridge's explosion will not kill the player, though, but merely have them falling off to the river below.


Bottomless pits exclusive to the NES/Famicom port; falling into one of these means instant death.

Defense Wall

The base entrance is a big wall armed with two Destroi cannons and having an energy core at its base. Care must be taken from the Ledders holding ground at its top. Destroy the Rotating Guns outside the base before concentrating fire at the cannons and the core. Once the core is destroyed, a pathway will open allowing the player access to the next area.


Pill Box Sensors
  1. Fire Ball

Flying Capsules

  1. Machine Gun
  2. Spread Gun
  3. Fire Ball
  4. Laser