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Think you got the best of D.N.M.E.? Better not start beaming yet, because there's a bomb in the basement and the building is about to go up in smoke. Your only hope is to head for the helicopter on the roof. If you can take control of the copter you better hightail it back to headquarters.
~ Contra Force instruction booklet, page 13

The Thunder Wolf Helicopter is the fourth stage in Contra Force. It is the second stage to feature top-down gameplay.


After the C-Force hitch a ride on a trusty helicopter, they attempt to reach Blue Group via radio. Unfortunately they get picked up on by D.N.M.E., and are challenged by another high-ranking member of the enemy. The C-Force hitch themselves a bigger ride, on the wing of an airplane! The C-Force fight their way through plane hulls and battling high winds while reaching from fighter jet to fighter jet, until they make it onboard the leader's jet, where stolen plutonium is being stashed! After a fierce battle with the general, the C-Force secure the plutonium and parachute their way back into home, where one final showdown awaits...



  • Despite its name, this stage has nothing to do with helicopters at all. Even more misleading is the instruction manual's description, which does not match the stage's in-game design at all. To further add to the confusion, the image shown in the instruction booklet is oddly an image of the Helicopter seen in Stage 2. It isn't clear whether this was a publisher mistake or Stage 4 was meant to be something completely different.
  • There are three C-17 Globemaster III and three A-10 Thunderbolt II assembled in a convoy column. Also, AIM-9M Sidewinder missiles can attack players. There also are several M113 APCs stored in one of the carriers.
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