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If you've made it this far, congratulations, but the battle's just begun. D.N.M.E. has escaped and boarded a boat outside the building. So grab your weapons and your sea legs. But don't go overboard, cause there's one thing you need more than defeated D.N.M.E: information.
~ Contra Force instruction booklet, page 12

The U.S.S. Unkmy Battleship is the second stage in Contra Force.


The C-Force take to the docks of Neo City! After a daring and victorious escape from the warehouse district, the team manage to give D.N.M.E. a run for their money. The enemy forces escape into the seas, with the C-Force right behind them. In this top-down stage, the good guys battle through wave after wave of enemy forces on board large seacraft carriers. The team hitch a ride on a small cruiser boat and manage to track down D.N.M.E.'s submarine. Within its metallic hull lies some of the most notorious of enemy forces D.N.M.E has in store for the heroes.

This top-down stage has many openings where a player can lose a life by falling into the waters below. Some borders prevent falling into the sea, though the player should watch the surrounding areas closely to see what can be crossed.




  • The stage's name is a play on the words "You sunk my battleship", a recognizable phrase commonly associated with the board game Battleship.
  • Although the instruction booklet depicts the outside of the enemy submarine containing enemies, the area on top of the submarine is completely absent of enemies in-game.
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