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The phone rings at C-Force Headquarters. It's Fox, former colleague and all around sly guy. Seems the chief is caught in a trap at an abandoned warehouse somewhere on the warf.[sic] Your mission is to trek down to the warehouse swarming with traps in an attempt to take the terrorists.
~ Contra Force instruction booklet, page 12

The Dewerdye Warehouse is the first stage in Contra Force.


A warehouse located within Neo City. Many boxes are present, as well as a conveyor belt system to transport cargo through the building. The large box-filled areas are good locations to farm for weapon power-ups. A giant forklift is also available within the rundown warehouse.

It is here the events of Contra Force first unfold. Burns and his team receive a call from their informant "Fox", planning a meeting. As the C-Force head over to the Warehouse district, they enter to find Fox deceased. The team is then ambushed by D.N.M.E. agents and the C-Force are forced to make their escape through the warehouse.




Description Audio
Theme of Contra Force Stage 1
Theme of Contra Force Stage 1
(no intro, if paused during gameplay)
Contra Force Boss Theme


  • The stage's name is a wordplay of the phrase "do or die".
  • In the outside areas, a factory can be seen in the background. This may be the Neo Kobe Steel Factory.
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