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For the video game, see Contra Force.
For the original timeline organization, see Contra (organization).

The Contra Force, or C-Force for short, is an independent law enforcement group made up of "National Special Force" alumni. They are the main protagonists of the 1992 NES eponymous game, Contra Force.


  • Burns: Leader of the team. When it comes to jumping, no one can hold a candle to Burns.
  • Smith: Deadeye with pistol, rifle and homing missile.
  • Iron: Speed and jumping abilities are poor but shows plenty of metal when attacking.
  • Beans: Fastest of the four. When it comes to jumping, Beans is only second to Burns.


Before being branded under the Contra label, the game that eventually came to become Contra Force was initially going to be its very own title and have no connection to the Contra series at all; it was tentatively going to be called "Arc Hound". According to an old magazine ad, the "Arc Hound" force was a unit working for and/or formed by the CIA. However, at some point during development, it was decided to add the "Contra" name to it and market it as part of the series. As such, the Contra Force team present in this game was initially intended to be the same Contra task force from previous games.

However, as the Contra series evolved, and since Contra Force deviated too much from the official stated chronology, it was eventually decided to remove the game from the main timeline, thus making it take part in an alternate continuity (other titles that also went through the same treatment were Contra: Legacy of War, C: The Contra Adventure, Contra ReBirth and Contra Returns).

As a result, the characters and events presented in Contra Force are not recognized on any account in the official timeline, and as such, this Contra Force team is considered to be an organization existing in an alternate continuity, different from the traditional Contra task force presented since the series' inception, even though the latter is frequently also referred to as "Contra Force".


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