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If you are a Contra warrior, then you should have seen these places many times. Even though this is the fifth time, Contra cannot stand this bad crap.
~ Translation of the official description

Alien Hive is the eighth stage in Contra 4. It cannot be access on Easy difficulty.


The final path to Black Viper. It is a long twisting corridor with living weapons trying to stop the player. Enemies seem to be crawling out of the walls themselves. At the end is the beating heart of the operation. Beat that and there's just Black Viper left between you and freedom.


An eight rooms stage is what the heroes must endure as they reach Black Viper's lair. Weapon drops are located in rooms 3 and 7.

Room Description
Alien Hive Room 1
Room 1. The heroes are greeted by a wall of two alien mouth shooters, with a shielded eye sensor in the direct center of the front wall.
Shooting Eye Contra 4
Room 2. Three Shooting Eyes quickly appear in the center, then reposition themselves to the left or right sides of the room. Eventually, a fourth Shooting Eye will spawn somewhere among the other three, although only three Shooting Eyes will be onscreen at a time, with the fourth one waiting for an opportunity to arise and fire. Three shielded eye sensors are located on the top of the front wall, and will open and close periodically.
Alien Hive Room 3
Room 3. Two sliding doors on the sides of the room will open up, and soon, vicious bloodthirsty alien creatures will come out from them to the opposite side. Some will grow hungry and crawl toward a hero, attempting to munch on them. Two closed eye sensors are located on the floors, one on each side of the room between the center and a doorway. They open periodically as time passes and eliminating them will not only open up a pathway into the next room, but will also eliminate any remaining Orians onscreen, as well as stop any newcomers. The F and S weapons can be obtained here from any dead Orian.
Alien Hive Room 4
Room 4. Orians now enter this room from the ceiling, where they will crawl until they get close, then drop down and walk toward the left or right sides of the room until they exit the room. Their descent time will vary, with some prolonging their drop for a brief moment while others immediately drop as soon as the hero's side of the room is reached. The Orian are out of normal reach, forcing a hero to both avoid their drops and jump over them once grounded and walking. However, it's possible to kill these Orian depending on the shot angle. The H weapon can kill the ones on the roof with ease, even before they touch the ground. It's also possible to kill an Orian at close range, although this usually results in the hero receiving damage. Some weapons may hit a grounded Orian safely.

The two shielded eyes are located near the center of the room, and they operate somewhat erratically. Most of the time, an eye will open up once an Orian reaches the player's side of the room successfully. The eyes stay open temporarily, forcing the heroes to avoid more incoming Orians once they close in an effort to reopen them up once more.

Alien Hive Room 5
Room 5. Three shielded eye sensors are located on the wall, surrounded by two mouth shooters above and one Eye Shooter on the floor that soon spawns another Eye Shooter followed by a third or fourth one.
Bugger Contra 4 3D Level Sheena
Room 6. Buggers periodically appear from under the front doorway. Either shoot or jump over them to avoid. The front wall/door is also armed with two destructible mouth cannons. The shielded eye appears in the center, where it will periodically open.
Alien Hive Room 7
Room 7. A swarm of Orians will appear not only from either side of the room, but also crawling from the roof. There can be up to 4 Orians onscreen at any given time. The larger shielded Sentry Eye is in the center of the room, which opens and closes periodically.
Gomeramos King - 05
The last room is the deadliest, where the heart of the alien operation rests. Infinite spawning Shooting Eyes will guard the alien heart, with at least three onscreen at all times possible.






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Theme of Contra 4 Stage 8 - Alien Hive.
Theme of Contra 4 Stage 8 Boss Fight - Horrible Heartbeat remix.
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