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Stop Black Viper's robot mass production line. On your way home, there awaits an unlikely reunion with an old friend.
~ Translation of the official description

Factory is the sixth stage in Contra 4.


A hi-tech complex of corridors that emulate the pseudo-3D "Base" stages from the first Contra and similar from the previous Stage 3. Seven rooms of the factory await the heroes as they continue to battle through Black Viper's army. Weapon drops can be located in rooms one, three, and six.


Room Description
Room 1:
Room 2:
Contra 4 Factory room 3
Room 3:
Three covered sensors line up the front wall in a triangular pattern. When the heroes first enter this room, a shutter on the roof opens up. Soon, blue birdmen soldiers appear from above and relentlessly fire at the player, halting their advancement. Their bullets can be easily crouched from, and up to four can be present in the room at any given time. Destroying all three sensors will eliminate and cease the birdmen platoon.
Room 4:
A turbine-like rotating room. A sensor is attached to a slowing spinning metal beam. turrets will rise up from the edge of the room and fire away at the hero until the rotating sensor is eliminated.
Room 5:
A room crawling with some Reaper enemies. The sensors soon pop-up from below, located dead center within a slab of long sharp spikes pointed directly at the heroes. These thin slabs gradually move toward the player in order to crush them. Although they can be avoided by running off to a side away from them, the first appearance of these slabs are as together, lined up in a row of three. This leaves the player no choice but to quickly fire at the slabs before being crushed, which is recommended as the door sensors are located within the slabs. If a player fails to destroy a slab, or if a player destroys only one or two of the slabs, the spike filled slabs retract back into the ground and reappear back in the front of the room within seconds. The slabs with sensors destroyed won't have their sensors located on them, but the slabs can be destroyed again in order to prevent them from harming the heroes. The Spread Gun is recommended as it can reach all three slabs if fired quickly from the center of the room. Once all three sensors are eliminated on the slabs, both the soldiers and slabs are destroyed, halting the advancement of both and opening the door to the next room.
Room 6:
A room with two shielded sensors and a large press above. The press adjusts its position and attempts to smash the player, beeping before it slams to the ground. Nearby Reapers entering from the sides of this room make dodging much more complex. When both sensors are destroyed, the press retracts itself with the enemies destroyed and halted. The room will also darken, preparing the heroes for the final room ahead...
Big Fuzz - 05
Room 7:
A darkened dead end room... that is, until a large pair of mechanical hands from the opposite side rips open the front wall, revealing an old enemy of the heroes.





Description Audio
Theme of Contra 4 Stage 6 - Cyborg Factory.
Theme of Contra 4 Stage 3 and 6 - Base Boss.


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