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This underground maze is the hub of the Galuga Defense Base. Outrageous alien schemes are centered around this facility. Crush it up to perfection!
~ Translation of the official description

Base is the third stage in Contra 4.


A seven room base hidden underneath a waterfall cave. The heroes traverse through the maze-like halls of this base in order to continue their hunt for Black Viper. Unlike previous stages, this stage plays in a tunnel fashion akin to the original Contra.


Weapon drops are located in rooms 1, 2, 3, and 5.

Room Description
Contra 4 Base room 1
Room 1:
A simple and straightforward entrance room of the base. The heroes are greeted by enemy troops entering from both the left and right sides of the room. Within time, a red sensor in the center of the room reveals itself, and the heroes know exactly what to do with bright, red vulnerable targets. Destroying the sensor not only destroys the nearby ground forces but also seals the doorways they come from. Eliminating the sensor also causes the wall it is attached to to crumble away into pieces, revealing a hidden sliding door behind that automatically opens up to reveal a continuing pathway.
Contra 4 Stage 3 Base room 2
Room 2:
Four closed sensors line the near center wall: two each, one on top of the other touching the ground floor. The center houses a center wall turret. Soldiers will run back and forth between doors on the sides of the wall. One troop will try to lock onto the hero's position, lobbing grenades should they avoid fire via crouching. The sensors will open up within time.
Contra 4 Stage 3 Base room 3
Room 3:
Two sensors opposite of each other are positioned high between the far sides and center of the wall, requiring jumping shots or a Homing weapon to reach. Moments upon entering the room, four side doors (two opposite of another two within each side of the room) open up, revealing infinite spawning troops running through these doors and into other open doorways.
Room 4:
Room 5:
Underground Turret Contra 4 3D level Sheena
Room 6:
A seemingly empty room, until turrets pop out from the ground and slowly fire at the heroes with deadly large blue energy balls. As time passes, four red sensors will appear, and once destroyed, a large sensor will open up high above the floor. Destroy this large red sensor to not only remove the floor turrets but also open up a path into the last and most deadliest room of the base.
Godomuga - 02
Room 7:
The final room, where a supercomputer and a familiar foe await. Through this room lies the exit into the promised land.





Description Audio
Theme of Contra 4 Stage 3 - Base.
Theme of Contra 4 Stage 3 and 6 - Base Boss.


  • This stage marks the first return of tunnel stages since the original Contra.
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