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It's a nostalgic return to Galuga Island, but Black Viper's forces have been newly remodeled so you will be able to enjoy the sights with a fresh and new feeling. Destroy the Defense Force, destroy the Fortress Gate and aim for the center of the island.
~ Translation of the official description

Jungle is the first stage in Contra 4.


The first stage of the game once again takes place in Galuga Island, and as such, it is heavily inspired by the first level of the first game. Furthermore, the background music for this level is none other than the nostalgia-inducing "Dense Forest Battle".

The heroes –Bill Rizer, Lance Bean, Mad Dog and Scorpion– are deployed by a support helicopter right into enemy territory, where they'll have to break through the dense jungle forest to neutralize Black Viper's hostile forces and infiltrate her military bases and other facilities controlled by her army on the island.

Proper to the nature of this type of levels, the environment consists of dense tropical foliage and numerous bodies of water, where the enemy has already deployed its troops. The main bulk of the enemy forces is composed of endless swarms of Zako Soldiers and a few Dirk McShooter commanders, as well as several types of turrets.

A few bridges can be found along the way above some of the bodies of water. Care must be taken when crossing these, as a slight variation of the standard Zako unit will generally attempt to cling to it from below and detonate a bomb to destroy it, so make sure to target and kill him as fast as possible.

About one third into the level, the player will come across their first opportunity to try their new grappling hook, where the terrain will become way too high to climb it by normal means. Fortunately, a metal beam located high above can be latched onto and used to gain altitude in order to proceed further.

Nearing the end of the level, the Rail Cannon, a large and mobile man-controlled cannon, will suddenly enter the screen and attack the player by shooting large napalm blasts straight down all across the battlefield. The pod moves at great speed along a metal rail located high above. After killing the machine's operator –and only if the pod stopped at an adequate position– the player will have the opportunity to use their grappling hook once more to latch onto another metal beam and from there jump into the machine's cockpit, thus gaining a free and speedy ride while also taking advantage of the machine's added firepower. If the player couldn't (or wouldn't) get inside the Rail Cannon, then they'll have to proceed and deal with the remaining enemies on foot.

The ride inside the cannon is not very lengthy, though, and soon the player will reach the end of the structure where the machine displaces along. Nonetheless, this destination happens to be right before reaching the first boss of the game: the Fortress Gate.

This classic and iconic boss attacks almost identically to its previous incarnations, by lobbing bombs in an arcing pattern from its two repeater cannons and with a sniper on top of it providing covering fire. An added ability the boss gains in this game is that it can now shoot a devastating laser beam from the core near its bottom. Once the core has been destroyed, the structure will show its real form by emerging further up from the ground and becoming more than twice its original size, revealing a second core underneath and regenerating the first one. In addition, a squad of four snipers will now take position on its top. Fortunately, the Contra helicopter will reappear at this moment to provide support to the heroes, allowing them to latch onto it with their grappling hooks to deal with the upper section of the structure more easily.






Description Audio
Theme of Contra 4 Stage 1 - Easy and Normal Mode.
Theme of Contra 4 Stage 1 - Hard Mode.
Theme of Super Contra Stage 2 - In a Tight Squeeze NES.
Theme of Super Contra Stage 1, 2, 4 and 5 Boss Fight - Boss Battle.


  • A major exploit can be used in this stage to have one player gain 100 lives. To achieve this, the player must have zero lives left and die at the same time they get an extra life. The best way to do this is by first reaching the Rail Cannon enemy in this stage (as it almost always grants an Extra Life upon its defeat), then chip away at its HP until only one bullet can kill it next. Then on their last life, the player must allow themselves to get hit by one of its fireballs while at the same time, the player fires a bullet that kills the pilot immediately. If performed correctly, the player will lose their last life but will then gain a life which will wrap the life counter back to 100. If the player's bullet kills the enemy before the player dies, the player gains a life as normal (just before losing it).[1]
    • This is not normally possible otherwise, since the life counter stops at 99 max. Obtaining an extra life at 100 will reset the life counter back to 99. This exploit can be used in other areas with enemies or bosses that grant a lot of points for an Extra Life upon their defeat, but the Jungle stage is the easiest to perform due to the enemy's relatively low HP.

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