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For the original game this remake/sequel is based upon, see Contra 4.

Contra 4: Redux is a 2D run-and-gun action platformer exclusive for mobile platforms. It is a remake/sequel of Contra 4 (originally released on the Nintendo DS and later ported on mobile platforms), featuring an all out new storyline.


Not long after Bill Rizer and Solomon Caesar completed their heroic mission and obliterated Black Viper, it seemed as though finally the Alien Wars had truly come to a close.

It wasn't over.

Now, deep in the familiar but battle-torn jungle, something still stirs that must be dealt with. This time, Earth's finest soldiers are called upon to be the Universe's greatest warriors.

Victory is our only and final chance at survival.


Contra 4: Redux is based on the mobile version of Contra 4, and is an extended version of that game. It features the same gameplay but with several updates. First, the game has different set of levels; now, the final level is a very short Alien Hive and the final boss is the Hive Queen. Second, heroes have different abilities. Bill Rizer can perform a double jump and Solomon Caesar can throw several grenades while airborne and has Machine Gun as his start weapon.


Contra 4: Redux was initially intended to be a direct follow-up sequel to Contra 4; however, at some point during production it was decided that it would be instead an expansion/re-telling of that game.

Due to miscommunication between Konami Mobile and the development team, with the former only providing vague directions on the new features and content that were to be implemented in this "remake", the developers had to make the new additions as best they could interpret, given that they had no source material as reference to translate. The end product was for all accounts a rush job, which is why the new content may come up as rather clunky.

In addition, Konami Mobile never advertised the game. At the time, their website was also going through reconstruction and thus no information of the game's original version could be found, nor could it be seen if the game had been announced in the first place. Some websites were even incorrectly calling it just Contra 4, or they never bothered to update the game's download/purchase page, so they were describing and showing screenshots of the original release while in fact they were already offering this remake.


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