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The following lists all known information from earlier builds of Contra 4 during its developmental stages, prior to when the game was released. Information such as gameplay changes from the final version will be listed here.


  • During early development, the game's weapon HUD was the one from Contra III: The Alien Wars. Hyper Shells were also shown, but it is unknown if they were functional at all or simply just there as a copy and pasted HUD from Contra III.
  • Lance Bean and Scorpion swapped colors.
  • A character known ad GOLDENROD was present, which was a gold variation of the playable Probotector character, with its alternate color being purple. In the final game, both the gold and purple colors of Goldenrod became additional alternate colors of Probotector.
  • An unused "metallic" Sheena coloration is present. This mirrors Lucia's metallic coloration in the final.
  • A placeholder interview by Daniel Kellogg is present. The message is two pages long and reads:
" This is the interview that I am going to test with for now so that way I can see if this interview menu I am working on will work. Let's write random stuff in here to take up space that way I have a nice, and long interview session to try and display across multiple pages for the menu. This game is called Contra DS you should enjoy this or else get beat up. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, etc.... "


In early beta builds of the game, the Level 2 Laser in tunnel stages appeared as a powerful (notably loud) long straightforward beam. Later revisions added the "Vulcan Laser" style Level 2 Laser used in the final.



  • Known as "Waterfall" in early stage select. The waterfall itself bears a simpler pale blue/white design.


Godomuga's room bears a slightly different design than the final. No doorways are present, meaning Rangel are absent. There is no filter lighting, and the boss does not spawn Gardegura. In very earlier builds of the game, the Darrs lacked hitboxes, making weapons fire pass right through them and the player unable to die from them (the player will simply pass through them).


  • Known as "Missile" in early stage select.

Tunnel 2[]

  • Big Fuzz was capable of attacking the player with his arms during the crawling phase of the battle.

Challenge Mode[]

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An early mock-up of the game's intro. Notably, it plays before the game's title appears.

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