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The following is a list of regional differences between each official version of Contra.


  • Each of the three regions received different title screens. The Japanese version uses a fade-in with animated flames on the "Gryzor" logo. The North American version uses two separate sprites of the logo coming together horizontally (then the image of the two heroes appearing on-the screen). The European version immediately boots the game to the title screen, lacking any sort of special animation at all.[1]


The American version of this game was set in contemporary times (1987), as opposed to the futuristic setting of both the Japanese and European versions. Also, Bill and Lance received the code names "Mad Dog" and "Scorpion", respectively, in the American release. Because of these plot changes, the box covers between the U.S. and European releases were altered, though some elements like the tagger headline and co-op play mention remained. In addition, the screenshots themselves were changed to reflect their current home version, with slightly alternate placement between each version.

U.S. overview
Probotector overview
It's the year 2633 A.D. Technology has reached a level so advanced that nature and science now exist in harmony and peace reigns throughout the world.
But beneath the calmness something beyond all imagination is discovered that threatens the existence of mankind.
While conducting top secret research, a special task force of scientists find that an alien being from the Galaxy of Apocalypse is plotting to wipe out the human race.
In order to protect the Earth and its people, two combat robots (PROBOTECTOR), RD008 and RC011, have been developed.
Their mission is to go to the alien's fortress in the Galga Islands and see that they are exterminated.


Thank to Konami's VRC-2 chip, the Famicom version of the game featured animated cutscenes and backgrounds during gameplay. Because these features were not implemented in the American or European releases of the game, many stage backgrounds have received altered palettes or sprite adjustments.

  • Some enemies from the Japanese version received minor behavior adjustments in overseas regions.
  • In the Famicom version, a mirrored U.S.A. flag will appear on the Helicopter during the ending escape scene for each run of the game completed, maxing out at six flags on the vehicle.[2]



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