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Contra: Tournament is an upcoming third person shooter battle royale Contra video game licensed by Konami and developed and published by Eggtart for smartphones. The game went on Closed Beta testing in 2023.

On March 8, 2024, all servers for the game were shut down, putting an end to its Closed Beta testing period and with no announcement for a full retail release anytime in the future.


In the year 2636, alien invaders who had once haunted the human planet returned, plunging the world into chaos. To fortify its defenses against possible threats, the Earth Federation Government launched a special project on the Galuga Islands to recruit new soldiers for the Contra forces. Here, only those who brave the storm can beat the odds! As the heroes once said, a real Contra warrior never loses a deathmatch. So heads up, contestants — the trial is about to begin.

Now, it's time to assemble your squad and harness the special powers of your men to claim the crown!

With featured firearms and boss stages, this new front of Contra will bring the past to life and spice it up with a futuristic vibe!


Contra: Tournament is played from a third person/over the shoulder perspective in an entire 3D environment, making it the first time this type of play has appeared in the Contra series. The game falls under the battle royale genre, an online multiplayer video game that blends last-man-standing gameplay with survival, exploration and scavenging elements. Players start with minimal equipment (e.g.: bare fists) and must eliminate all other opponents while avoiding being trapped in the "danger zone" which lies outside of a shrinking "safe area", with the winner being the last player or team alive. Each playable character has three unique special abilities –passive and/or active– which differentiate them from the others.

Potential players initially meet in a lobby while waiting to enter a match. Once this is started, the player character is deployed by a Contra airship and then they must ride a rocket to land on one of the many available destinations of the Galuga Islands.

The game heavily emphasizes scavenging and looting. Each defeated enemy drops several items –including weapons, ammunition, healing items and other consumables– which the player can then loot - comparing and deciding which ones to take or leave to increase their strength and survival chances. Likewise, there are many lootable objects scattered throughout the maps, including (locked) weapon chests and Power-up Capsules.

Enemies and bosses are comprised of iconic enemy characters from the Contra franchise. Likewise, maps are inspired by places often seen in the series, such as jungles and Red Falcon facilities.

Vehicles like jeeps, motorcycles and boats can also be found on the levels, which the player can ride to quickly reach other areas of the map.

Homage to the classic

Reunite with Bill Rizer, Lance Bean, and other brothers in arms for a thrilling fight! Slay iconic stage bosses, eliminate Red Falcon soldiers, and destroy aliens and their eggs amid the stirring battle royale. Loot authentic Contra firearms after stages are cleared—Machine Gun, Spread Gun, Laser Gun and Fire Ball Gun, the must-have superweapons to build up your forces. Take the field now and relive the good old days!

Rocket squad on missions

Team up with four and pick your heroes to carry out space missions. A scavenger hunt, hide-and-kill, and a running race to enter the safe zone—do all it takes to be the last man standing!

Diverse weapon collection

Switch between dozens of dazzling futuristic weapons advanced by a wide selection of attachments. Power up to unleash your killer instinct!

Strategic combat and unique abilities

Leverage hero abilities and divide roles in the team to get better winning chances. Turn the tables with a deadly blow and make your own history!

Key features[]

  • Unlock a wide selection of characters, including both classic and new heroes.
  • Wide selection of firearms and special attachments to increase their destructive power.
  • Drive racing cars and motorcycles to get out of deadly zones.
  • Ranked Matches.
  • Battle Pass allows players to purchase items at the Shop, such as new character skins.






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