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This game is also known as "Contra: Star Wars". Not to be confused with Star Wars: Contra Mini-Game.

Contra: The War of the Worlds, known as Contra: Star Wars (Chinese: 魂斗罗 星际战争 Hún Dòu Luō Xīngjì Zhànzhēng) in China, is a run-and-gun action platformer game released by Konami in 2009 exclusively in China for Java cellphones.


Note: This game takes place in an alternate continuity and is not part of the main canon.

In 2641, Zergs from SX Star began an attack on Earth and built a military base on the moon. The government sent a single soldier to destroy the enemy.


Contra: The War of the Worlds is a classic 2D run-and-gun action platformer similar to Contra III: The Alien Wars in that the player can hold two weapons and several smart bombs. The most noticeable difference compared to most Contra installments is the addition of a lifebar (removed on the "Hard" difficulty setting). There are only side-scroller stages, one of which that scrolls automatically.


The game has four side-scrolling stages. Stages 1 and 4 have no special features. In Stage 2, the level is affected by gravity, and Stage 3 has auto-scrolling.