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Contra: The Comic is an official comic book loosely based on the events of Contra III: The Alien Wars, published by Konami in 2002. It was originally made to serve as promotional material alongside the release of Contra: Shattered Soldier the same year. It was written by Atsushi Tsujimoto and features artworks by longtime Contra director and designer, Nobuya Nakazato. It contains 20 pages.

The comic was also available on the now defunct official Konami Tokyo official website. It was also featured on Contra 4 as unlockable bonus content under the title Contra III: Alien Wars.


  • Volume 1 (pages 1-8)
  • Volume 2 (pages 9-20)


Inconsistencies with the game[]

The comic is highly inconsistent with the original version of Contra III: The Alien Wars. Below are examples of all different instances:

  • In the comic, Gava emerges from below; in games prior to Contra: Shattered Soldier, he usually emerges from the ceiling.
  • In the comic, Gava survives despite having his core/third eye crushed by Bill Rizer on page 12. With his weak spot severely damaged, Gava starts to lose control of himself, while destroying the lair in the process.
  • Gava also exhibits one power not shown in the game: lashing his tongue out at enemies, as shown on page 16, while attempting to drag Bill down.
  • Searle and Feromedos do not make an appearance in the comic, as Gava himself is killed after having his entire body blown to pieces by Bill's attacks while he and Lance Bean were attempting to escape via helicopter on page 19. Red Falcon as a whole is still held responsible in the comic.


  • The Contra 4 version of the comic differs from the original version(s) in some aspects:
    • Pages have either been cropped or separate panels or groups of panels appear on a single page to fit better on the Nintendo DS screen(s). As a result, there are now 33 pages instead of the original 20.
    • Much of the text was modified and cleaned up, removing high tone language.
    • The Japanese text was removed; the original version contained both English and Japanese text in its text bubbles.
    • The font(s) used are different from those in the original version.



  • The comic was originally made to serve as promotional material alongside the release of Contra: Shattered Soldier the same year. Physical copies of the original comic are very rare, since they hardly came with the game's manual or official guidebooks.
  • The comic shows a few references to the opening intro of Shattered Soldier.
  • The comic appears as unlockable bonus content in Contra 4 for beating 24 challenges on Challenge Mode.

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