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Script for Contra: Shattered Soldier.

Cutscene 1[]

Lucia: You must be the commander!

Bill: There's no escape. Surrender now.

Commander: Hmm, Bill Rizer. I didn't think that the Triumvirate were so desperate to send you in. Pathetic old fools!

Bill: What? Who are you?

Commander: Hah, locked up so long that he doesn't even recognize me.

Bill: !... Lance!

Lucia: Lance? The hero? The one from the Alien War, that Lance?

Bill: But, but that's not possible. I saw you die!

Lance: That's right. But, as you can see, I've returned from the dead. I'm here to cleanse this place of all sinners, with the flames of judgment!

Bill: What?! Lance, do you really believe what you're saying?

Lance: Hmph. Poor Bill, you're the one without a clue. But the true reality would be beyond comprehension of a mere grunt like you.

Bill: .......

Lance: Well, it's just as well... I'll let you go this time, for old time's sake. But remember... Don't expect any mercy from me next time. Farewell!

Bill: L-Lance! Wait

6 Years Ago...

Bill: Lance! Hang on, Lance!

Lance: Ugh... Bill...?

Bill: Damn it! Who got you?

Lance: Ugh... Gugh...

Bill: Hold on, I'll get the medic!

Lance: Bill, wait!

Bill: ...?

Lance: Watch out... we're just... ... they use... urrg... gah!

Bill: Lance!

Lance: ...........

Bill: Lance? Quit joking around... Lance! Laaaance!!